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a lot of the time when doing something with computers I feel like that one meme with that person shoving a stick through the wheel of the bicycle they're riding on

in order to avoid confusion with literally everybody else the game formerly known as "football" in the united states will from now on be referred to as calvinistball

reading more about CRTs makes me wonder if star trek's exploding consoles were intended to be relatable for the original audiences

*hn voice* no bro we dont believe in data invariants because at our uber-for-phone-chargers startup nothing is impossible

sitting in on the meeting of the reply guy union and listening to explanations of what a union is for five hours straight
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a superb title wasted on a position dedicated to not being the person that has to read out what the prime minister wants the queen to do

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"shadow minister of justice", the job with the lowest ratio of "Actual Coolness" to "Coolness Going By The Title"

@cwebber I came up with the tapir worf hypothesis, if you don't have a prehensile nose, you never consider picking up things with your nose

Watched Super Mario Bros. (1993)

I am at a loss for words. They should've sent a poet

suggested names for powers of sixteen
1₁₆ hex
10₁₆ rune
100₁₆ spell
1000₁₆ curse
10000₁₆ malediction
100000₁₆ evil eye

+++ nasa announces Moon is sentient, displeased with course of human events +++

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