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anyone: *falls*

me: ah, the classic reverse icarus. you flew too close to the ground

According to quantum, dogs have souls. In accordance with roman catholic dogma, they are therefore capable of and tainted by original sin. In this paper, we shall

Tired: "it-girl" in the roaring twenties
Inspired: they-girl in the twenty-twenties

wdym voice training doesn't allow me to use Power Word Stun in real life. disappointing

amazing work in S&SH with introducing presentyes and ambiguouslylocatedmaybe

Need to explain "asshole behavior" to a tech-bro?
Use the term "social antipattern" instead.

Hunted by Jeff Bezos' all-female crack squad of assassins, the Amazons

I do not understand how it's Thursday evening. I swear a day disappeared this week. I'm legit confused.

How long until Elon Musk launches butt-forward into a US presidential election

1:30am take:
the idea of causality is a leaky abstraction

The Government has a secret system, a bunch of birds that watch you every hour of every day.

ukpol adjacent shitpost 

Brexit, or BoJos Bizarre Adventure

72 injured in gender unreveal anti-meme incident

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