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Tired: "it-girl" in the roaring twenties
Inspired: they-girl in the twenty-twenties

I don't look forward to the day when I actually understand the reputations of different instances or can understand fediverse drama

I want to live in ignorance in anime corner

that's a shitpost but i'd genuinely love to see the same effort that some people put into Vivec's 36 Lessons put into The Infowars Cinematic Universe.

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Bad Idea™ #12: The ultimate illustrated Alex Jones Lore Guide.
Contains a map of cabals, numerous essays on veiled powers and their respective plans, several critical analyses of InfoWars articles and a transcription of big A's most famous rants. Inconsistencies and contradictions in the lore are addressed with utmost accuracy with meticulous, time-stamped lists of differing sources. Comes with one (1) complementary bottle of BrainForce.

*tunes into regular oldie radio station*
*Opening Bars of Carmina Burana start playing*

I can't stop reading the white paper. Honestly how are we supposed to satirize corporate tech bros when they roast themselves so comprehensively with their own ideas like this

If this weren't real it would truly be the Mona Lisa of tech satire

take me home to the paradise city where the chairs are green and the beds are plenty

@clerical your robot clone is living in a rather interesting universe

kids in the library be discussing their classmates' ethnic backgrounds :yikes:

Holding out for a Hero accentuated by actual thunder in the background works surprisingly well.

me, holding a blood-stained axe: "While I condemn that axe murderer's … actions, I don't think our society has a right to take his freedom of movement away from him."

Did you take a moment today to ponder the metatextual implications of your actions?

Introducing the safety rapier: Its point is to have no point!

Gonna spend some bucks lobbying in Brussels for a regulation that prevents radio stations from starting to play good songs only to fade to some stupid announcement after less than ten seconds.

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