Taking bets on how long it'll take until some brand twitter accounts declares to have preferred pronouns

It is common knowledge that all known Pride Flags were originally discovered by and subsequently named after Nathanael C. Pride in 1672, and have been assigned to emerging identities in order of public appearance. In this paper, we will

@cwebber I think you might like this. An artist designed a lisp-like programming language, but using Arabic instead of English, and hence RTL. nas.sr/%D9%82%D9%84%D8%A8/

telling 5th graders that "hetero" is a really severe insult just to make them cringe even more in retrospect once they get out of their "that's gay" phase

help i'm trapped in an AbstractRequestProcessorFactory

@deing And since humanity is pretty shit overall he's pretty much a PoC PoC PoC

considering how he was both the first man and logically from the cradle of humanity in Africa, I think it's fair to call Adam a PoC PoC

If your employer's name ends in PD you're a cop

Was pretty worried there for a second, but the immediate threat seems to be resolved now that @ida'll take over.
Thank you for your dedication and work on here, Aurelia. Hope you'll return one day.

de pol 

antivax shitpost 

in addition to being a regular microwave, the new amazon alexa echo phaser also defends your house from hostile delivery drones using a 1.3MW coherent microwave beam

Miaphysitism discourse in the 12th century, abridged:
I'd like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as human, is actually god/human, or as I've recently come to call it, god plus human,

ok hear me out:
step one, we'll rebrand socialism as "disruptive new approach to corporate governance"

The fight for diversity, equality and inclusion is the fight for software freedom. Our movement will only be successful if it includes everyone. RMS does not speak for these values.

I need an owo
I'm holding out for an owo 'til the end of the night

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