According to quantum, dogs have souls. In accordance with roman catholic dogma, they are therefore capable of and tainted by original sin. In this paper, we shall

Tired: "it-girl" in the roaring twenties
Inspired: they-girl in the twenty-twenties

wdym voice training doesn't allow me to use Power Word Stun in real life. disappointing

amazing work in S&SH with introducing presentyes and ambiguouslylocatedmaybe

Need to explain "asshole behavior" to a tech-bro?
Use the term "social antipattern" instead.

Hunted by Jeff Bezos' all-female crack squad of assassins, the Amazons

I do not understand how it's Thursday evening. I swear a day disappeared this week. I'm legit confused.

How long until Elon Musk launches butt-forward into a US presidential election

1:30am take:
the idea of causality is a leaky abstraction

The Government has a secret system, a bunch of birds that watch you every hour of every day.

ukpol adjacent shitpost 

absolutely torrid take shitpost 

gamer: bro if you keep spamming “create similar face” it’s gonna give you a real fucked up looking character

also gamer: i think we should confine the gene pool according to borders

72 injured in gender unreveal anti-meme incident

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