suggested names for powers of sixteen
1₁₆ hex
10₁₆ rune
100₁₆ spell
1000₁₆ curse
10000₁₆ malediction
100000₁₆ evil eye

+++ nasa announces Moon is sentient, displeased with course of human events +++

new: plant-only vegan crude oil. guaranteed 100% velociraptor corpse free

@dankwraith the sentient AI that hates and wishes to destroy humanity is already here. it is every single printer on earth

wanted to make a joke about "disruption" and anyone but klingons should be banned from making startups but like. the imagery of someone talking in klingon for VC Bro Cred is so much worse

@cwebber I've read a bit (to be exact, the RWoT 2018 entry) about Petnames and enthusiastically tried to sell the idea to a friend, who then promptly went ahead and pointed out a in hindsight rather glaring problem: what if the name is in itself not public information depending on the social context, and people from these contexts overlap (which is a common occurence now with social media)?
I think a petname system would make it very easy to accidentally "spill the beans" on some detail.
Imagine for example someone storing their SO as "Alice 😍" and publishing that information to their immediate friend circle, where it propagates out to "friends of friends of friends" at some point shows up as an edge name suggestion for a person that the original person might not even know. Similar problems could emerge with e.g. trans people using a new name with a group of contacts and their birth name with another. Is there a possible approach to prevent facilitating these leaks?

i hate to be a grammar snob, but it should actually be "Fewer Miserables"

uspol shitpost 

…what if it was all just a dream?

tolkien: this is the elf called deletéyouraccoünt.i have 20 pages etymological justification on why they're called that

we will outlaw wine&sex, pasta too. proscribe all the basest of pleasures and make humanity dole out the slightest hint of carnality from online arguments about lenin

"But have you considered the following?", I interject, furiously typing "words to sound sophisticated" into duckduckgo

stickers in whatsapp are the late millenial's inspirational postcards

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