*hits ctrl+t* okay let's find something else to be anxious about

the subtle anticipation of terror when your boss asks you to look at a word document's formatting because «it's a bit wonky»

Übermäßiges Posten nach 22 Uhr Ortszeit wird als Ruhestörung zur Anzeige gebracht

winning an election by a landslide (assassinating the other candidates with an avalanche)

very excited for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change my legal name to a recursive acronym

somewhere out in the great open internet there is a facebook group you can only join if you present to them federal court filings of you being indicted for securities fraud. the last bastion of free speech in biden's america

unicode should add a proper elipsis character but with ,,, instead of ...

der 5. märz 2022 wird von nun an immer der tag sein an dem ich die wunderbare welt der gipskartondübel der marke fischer und ihre vielfältigen anwendungen beim befestigen von dingen in gipskartonplatten entdeckte

konzept berufskraftfahrer radio mit garantie von mindestens 72h zwischen zwei song wiederholungen
ich halte es nicht mehr aus

flirting joke, read in duke nukem voice for best effect 



and today on public transit 

sitting outside, two people with nordic walking sticks and a printout of the deutsche bahn website listing all available connections between two stations. i feel at home

it's called "the blockchain" because i "block" people who talk about it

raube ein reformhaus aus für hildegard von bingeeating

This created some
excitement, but produced no
practical result

unicode should add a proper elipsis character but with ,,, instead of ...

Abolition of
the police, the army and
the bureaucracy

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