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annoyed at americans who think all british people talk like stephen fry

when actually we all talk like loadsamoney

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every monday morning i wake up and realise i ought to do work and it is precisely at that time i think it's an appropriate time to shitpost on the fedi

w what do you mean switching to nixos no longer makes me an-archist

Sorry but if you like making fun of inter people, this is not the right timeline for you. Also when you share stuff from kiwifarms, please go. You are not welcome in our timeline.

@dafne took a gamble by posting these to r/trans instead of r/lgbt this time because i was getting downvoted there & eventually deleted the post.

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

Love of Doritos knows no bounds.

Anarchist Library: **CrimethInc. - The Wrong ICE is Melting, The Wrong Amazon is Burning**

"Author: CrimethInc.Title: The Wrong ICE is Melting, The Wrong Amazon is BurningSubtitle: No Government Will Save the Planet for UsDate: September 19, 2019Source: Retrieved on 17th June 2021 from From Sept…"

#anarchism #bot

TLE discord is officially ugly queer positive tech space when

if you're hot they're hot, give your glaceons some ice cream

friend: u busy?
me, just totally realizing i’m brain deadedly tying a hijab 🧕 on my he/him ikea shark 🦈: i don’t know

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