no gods no rulers except a few cuties i met on the fedi

we have reached the point of no return or as i like to call it, unreachable code

according to veritasium i should be like super creative and smart now but instead i'm just

imagine if we hadn’t invented written language amd the subs for movies would just be a wee fella signing at the corner of the movie

new gender just dropped onto the floor i think it's a little broken now does anyone have some glue

fellas be like IM A TOP or IM A BOTTOM bitch how tf u be come a sandwich?

a kind of job recruiter that laughs at your twitter profile because you have less than 20 followers

a kind of breakup that uses the same language you'd use to reject a job offer

today i pushed some code i had been working on for an entire week *untested* to staging and with only a minor hiccup literally everything just worked and you'd be absolutely right to think i feel like a goddess rn

selfie, found the picture funny 

*approaches you in your sleep*
what if I wanted to break?
laugh it all off in your face

german floods 

my heart goes out to anyone affected by the flooding :( it looks awful

i s2g the lashes on my right eye curl in such a way that make it absolutely hopeless to wear falsies and you’d be absolutely wrong if you don’t think i now place the entire worth of my individual based on my ability to wear a falsie on that hajforsaken eye

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