okay but what was i tripping on on the 14th of september

reclaiming the language i never properly learned because the 72 countries meme was so funny as a young trans person all i could think was i can’t wait to leave home.

feeling cute, may get up to some faenanigans *takes your crystals out of direct sunlight*

back at the home™️ so i decided to borrow my mom’s ancient sewing machine which was kinda broken. doesn’t track right and does funky lines but kinda decided to own it and the result is pretty neat ngl. just needa sew some beads methinks to the bottom of the pants and maybe do some more¿ zigzags for those extra entropy points

a kind of content that is nsft (not safe for twitter) 

idk why but twitter has such cishet businessmen energy so things like this just feels weird there

made the pilgrimage to the swedish mind control device distribution centre today. blåyorg was glad that we spent a lot of money in the mothership on furniture for the new apartment

he’s a little special but i love him all the same 🦈

i didn't pour much time into this today. in fact i think i completely wasted an entire day and am feeling terrible about it :drake_dislike: but i've decided i'll just throw a bone at the nixos discord and see if someone could do the thinking for me instead :drake_like:

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catgirl selfies, ec, blåhaj, blood-adj 

i finally put those cat ears i got on etsy a few months ago to use

selfie, found the picture funny 

*approaches you in your sleep*
what if I wanted to break?
laugh it all off in your face

so called “free thinkers” when someone posts asbestos

racism, dating apps 

my favourite feature of dating apps that target the asian market is a “race filtering” feature. users even expect it

@dafne from the same photoset but without eye contact & the pride eyeshadow colours a bit more noticeable

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pride selfies, ec, skin, repost 

i deleted my previous photoset thinking i could repost it with more photos but apparently 4’s the limit 🤦‍♀️ anyhow, i did a pride look while reviewing some products for abillion & went with a trans flag on the left eye 🏳️‍⚧️ & the bi flag on the right eye :bisexual_flag:

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