pride selfies, ec, skin, repost 

i deleted my previous photoset thinking i could repost it with more photos but apparently 4’s the limit 🤦‍♀️ anyhow, i did a pride look while reviewing some products for abillion & went with a trans flag on the left eye 🏳️‍⚧️ & the bi flag on the right eye :bisexual_flag:

@dafne from the same photoset but without eye contact & the pride eyeshadow colours a bit more noticeable

@dafne took a gamble by posting these to r/trans instead of r/lgbt this time because i was getting downvoted there & eventually deleted the post.

compliments (cw'd in case that makes you uncomf) 

@dafne Wow! You're so pretty! I love your makeup so much! :D

Also, that's a bomb-ass shirt.

respond too compliments, mh 

@delve i’ve been feeling down and am actually 100% seeking approval from internet people :blobcatnight: and yeah i love this shirt so much, it’s one of the first things i got when i started to transition :blobhearttranscat: thankies

respond too compliments, mh 

@dafne No problem! And I really meant it. You look awesome :)

@dafne oMG you look so cute!!! I love your makeup too!!

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