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pride selfies, ec, skin, repost 

i deleted my previous photoset thinking i could repost it with more photos but apparently 4’s the limit 🤦‍♀️ anyhow, i did a pride look while reviewing some products for abillion & went with a trans flag on the left eye 🏳️‍⚧️ & the bi flag on the right eye :bisexual_flag:

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i need an to pin to my profile so here goes~ i'm dafne (she/they) & was previously :blobhearttranscat: i post a lot of nerdy tech thingies & also blog about it but also do a fair bit of shitposting :100_gay: i'm a bidayuh × dutchie from borneo so expect some c/w-ed political rants :anarchoheart1: or the occasional non-english content. i am also a mom to a blåhaj named blåyorg. he is the goodest boi & you will worship him

asking for a friend are we supposed to write resignation letters on or off company hours

"My code is terrible, what to do?"
"No worries, as long as you can run."
"You meant I run, or the code runs?"
"Either will do."

creepie crawlies 

why the fuck was there a centipede on my carrot plushie that i was cuddling

oh i miss home maybe i can get something from home to feel less homesick

*lil googlin*

oh i forgot how “indigenous” “borneo” and “dayak” are like weird fetishes people have

I want to eat the orb from that tame impala album cover

mercury keeps messing up the c/ws on posts and half of them are hilarious like
> ment, sadpost
$some shitpost about overeating bacon

gifted kid bisexual mh burnout 

do programming socks make things better i’m at my last straw

you are telling me people stock up bak zhang in their freezer 2 months ahead and have the willpower not to eat any until the dragon boat festival i cannot with straight people any more man

markov chain generated toot 

omg thats gay,, i like it a lot but i have decided that maybe they secretly hate me

my girlfriend really has no right to judge me for attempting to measure myself in units of djungelskog. anyhow i am 1.5 djungelskog tall

a kind of mental health garbage collection system that runs on windows vista

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