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selfie, ec, repost 

repost cause apparently my client didn't mark the media as sensitive

i don’t think i’ve taken a selfie in this hair yet? shame cause it’s already starting to fade quite a bit. went to an awesome vegan cafe yesterday with the girlfriend. then i treated myself to some lush perfumes in the afternoon. and this afternoon another nice vegan cafe. felt like a mini but proper break, at least before i have to relocate to singapore, but alas work tomorrow. goodnight, fediverse

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i need an to pin to my profile so here goes~ i'm dafne (she/they) & was previously :blobhearttranscat: i post a lot of nerdy tech thingies & also blog about it but also do a fair bit of shitposting :100_gay: i'm a bidayuh × dutchie from borneo so expect some c/w-ed political rants :anarchoheart1: or the occasional non-english content. i am also a mom to a blåhaj named blåyorg. he is the goodest boi & you will worship him

medical stuff 

gonna take weeks apparently to recover from my burnt gums so i'm going to have to live off of soft foods. thanks violently flaming tofu. very cool

good mewning dafne has finally succumed to wamt sleep after almost a week of waking up at the 3ams 😔

today’s photoshoot was so fun <3 i really enjoyed putting makeup on my friends and id argue im not too bad at it. it’s this art project in singapore showcasing queer families and friends out and proud for those that don’t have the voice or can’t come out yet; to know that there are others like them out there that support them. shame i couldn’t get too many of my oomfies out for it, but that’s just the thing - there’s so many of us. we needn’t hide <3

google maps be like “i know a spot” and it’s a restricted footwalk through some alien testing military base

dating apps, screenshot 

being a woman on a dating app,, just hits different 😳 i turned on date mode literally this afternoon out of curiosity 🫣

creating misinformation is severely hot girl attitude

instgram really out here making sure we don't get addicted

looks like today’s the day i get to treat myself to 2 monster energys uwu headd damaeg 🤤💕

what is this tiktokification of instagram thanks i hate it

medical gatekeeping, hrt 

me manifesting being neurotypical so i don't get denied hrt if i ever move to nl

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braim doing the pain cause braim say i didnt pay the braim restoration fees agaim sorry braim

hey guys stop using the app for a moment i'm trying to sleep here

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