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selfie, ec 

i don’t actually have a mental image of how i look so getting told i’m pretty sometimes is still such a strange trip.

this set of pictures is from 3 weeks ago when my now partner dressed me up. it’s instantly one of my favourite clothes combinations and i’m surprised i didn’t think of the mix myself.

i’m definitely going to maintain my undercut, but i’m curious about colouring the rest of my hair again and/or removing my extensions or swapping them out for a material that stands out a nicer in UV.

also in the past week i’ve been wearing heavier and heavier earrings in one of my right lobes and i’ve definitely stretched it quite a bit out. wondering if i should just commit to the bit now or let it heal a bit instead.

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i need an to pin to my profile so here goes~ i'm dafne (she/they) & was previously :blobhearttranscat: i post a lot of nerdy tech thingies & also blog about it but also do a fair bit of shitposting :100_gay: i'm a bidayuh × dutchie from borneo so expect some c/w-ed political rants :anarchoheart1: or the occasional non-english content. i am also a mom to a blåhaj named blåyorg. he is the goodest boi & you will worship him

i keep forgetting that in every gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss conversation my sister is the more powerful girlboss

i hate linkedin wtf is a tribal knowledge sharers


*gives a huge piak* stop being so yt

nsfw what 

receiving PGP encrypted nudes and jerking off to the ciphertext

centipede lady and a toothbrush goth?? 🪥 🖤 i’m so accomplished

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wait actually i have a toothbrush tattoo maybe i am the toothbrush goth 🪥 🖤

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i have 19 bamboo toothbrushes on me why did i buy so many do i really think of myself as the toothbrush goth 🪥🖤

Attention trans folks! Don’t forget to supervise your Blåhajar and keep your phone out of reach!

I left him for five minutes, and by the time I got back he was already on the Shark Web 😱😰

lewd subtoot to a tweet i saw lol 

ugh i wanna live in a submissive and breedable city


why am i so trashy like actually i’m so hungober i need help

i miss my girlfriend already *fat melting cat* bitches help

act faggy. enrich your life. engage shamelessly with homosexuality.

technically right wingers should be really good at rust given how much they know about getting owned

ugh i’m such a plushie goth in theory but shamefully
not in execution

i have root access to the router in my ex’s home i just remembered lmao

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