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i need an to pin to my profile so here goes~ i'm dafne (she/they) & was previously :blobhearttranscat: i post a lot of nerdy tech thingies & also blog about it but also do a fair bit of shitposting :100_gay: i'm a bidayuh × dutchie from borneo so expect some c/w-ed political rants :anarchoheart1: or the occasional non-english content. i am also a mom to a blåhaj named blåyorg. he is the goodest boi & you will worship him

the federated urge to move to berlin and start your own polycule

*not saying that there isn't personal responsibility in this FWIW

but noted.

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wypepo on the internet calling you out for eating food with palm oil cause of “the orangutans” as if i do not have both a personal and cultural connection to the ecocide that's happening 👍 thanks for *always* shifting the blame back onto the 3rd world, fuckers.

thanks youtube recommendations for the scarily relatable content

no matter how woke you are on facebook you'll always have 13y/o takes is make takeaway from these kind of conversations with my small town “woke” friends

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keep thinking about this hot take this week that 1) the kids™️ are just being bisexual to be cool 2) the kids are adding pronouns to their profiles to be fake woke and it only makes sense for people such as myself to do so¿?


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who need therapy when you have spotify playlists 💅

any of my commie friends want a suggest a nice toothbrush tattoo?

it’s so weird coming to terms with the fact that your parents might just be immature. asian culture emphasises seeking wisdom from the elderly so much that you forget that their actions are just as scrutable as any other.

i keep thinking about every bear in the tri-county area

my notifications were broken apparently i thought i just wasn't tooting bangers

protect your servers from catgirl hackers by planting blåhaj honeypots

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