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i need an to pin to my profile so here goes~ i'm dafne (she/they) & was previously :blobhearttranscat: i post a lot of nerdy tech thingies & also blog about it but also do a fair bit of shitposting :100_gay: i'm a bidayuh × dutchie from borneo so expect some c/w-ed political rants :anarchoheart1: or the occasional non-english content. i am also a mom to a blåhaj named blåyorg. he is the goodest boi & you will worship him

going on the internet hope i don’t get mansplained today aaAaAaaaAaaaAAaAaaaAaAaaa

i have this thing where before i apply for a company i try to reverse engineer their backend beforehand if possible and oh my god have i ever landed on a goldmine for what the fuck i wanna work here so badly

> nothing excites a functional programmer more than the ability to not do something

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so apparently `mkVMOverride` wasn't quite what i was looking for to have certain options disabled in vm builds. it's actually used by `nixos/modules/virtualisation/qemu-vm.nix` to override things like the `filesystems` in your config when creating vm builds. thanks to someone replying on the nix discord, i ended up with:

isVMBuild = (lib.hasAttr "/tmp/xchg" config.fileSystems) && config.fileSystems."/tmp/xchg".fsType == "9p";

for context, i was just testing with my `snapper.nix` configuration[1] to see if i could have snapper disabled in vm builds.

i'm not sure if this or the solution i originally came with is less hacky, mine being to check if `/home` is defined in the build. this works because `qemu-vm.nix` does not have a `/home` mount either.

on the other hand, would what i originally have wanted be clean anyway? after all, the following might fall under flag-oriented programming?

mkIf isVMBuild {}



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apparently `mkVMOverride` is what i was looking for the whole time and only after ranting on the internet and embarrassing myself do i get an answer why is life pain and

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all i want is to somehow `nixos-rebuild build-vm` with the config somehow knowing this is a vm build so i can drop the hardware stuff in my config T,T

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it seems like every single question i have pertaining to nix is unanswerable for some reason

mother why hast tu spend all our cash moneys on the encrypted currencies nooooo

transfemmes are meme factories i believe no less

you wouldn't make love to your car radiator

sorry sweetie, but asking for my IQ is a HIMBO violation

a reminder to all the gays that “cis, het” in malay is like “UGHHH, hets”

set up a ko-fi so people can learn my deadname from my paypal account

if i save a draft can i reuse it on a warm day or has it to be as windy


this kampua mee was truly the minecraft of sex and i need to let the whole world know

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