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@ariadne I'm still amazed that ChanServ does a better job enabling people to manage and moderate communities than matrix (afaik, anyway)

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Every single p̶r̶o̶j̶e̶c̶t̶ disaster that uses -Werr plain and simple stops compiling if used on ANY other system other than the developer's.
Do you seriously expect all compilers to have the exact same attitude towards unused arguments, unused variables, unused functions, unused global tables, unused labels, unused define, unused enum, unused struct, variable initialization or whatever else you cannot even begin to think of?
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❄️ Snowflake is helping people in Iran and other countries circumvent Internet censorship.

Let people know you're operating a Snowflake proxy by downloading and printing our Snowflake sticker pack!


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I really dislike the trend of modern programming languages to get more and more special-character-heavy and have dozens of unintelligible modifier symbols. Give me Ada with like five punctuation marks, or any Lisp with everything nice and regular. Ada attributes and aspects are basically equivalent to those modifiers except they actually tell you what the fuck they do instead of being randomly selected APL symbols.

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>looking for tutorial on how to set up something
>they tell me to use this docker container
>immediately close the page
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Same people who will tell you to caption your images for the blind will also say "if you have a default avi I won't accept your follow request" like what do you think a blind person has *any* use for a fucking avatar?

@nytpu my cat knew that (frozen) food comes from a microwave so he jumped on it.

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My cat somehow knows that doorknobs open doors so now if he wants in a closed door he'll leap at the knob. If I had door handles instead of door knobs then he'd probably be able to reliably open doors XD

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Hey, are there other support accounts aimed at new users on here? Would be good to give some shoutouts.

The latest one I have noted is @MastOHelp but they haven't posted in a couple of months.

(boosts appreciated)

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Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

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Tried out the #zellij terminal multiplexer. Had a problem/question. Seems the community is only on #discord. After unsuccessfully looking for alternative forums gave up and registered a discord account. Verified mail. Verified mobile number. Captcha'd half dozen of times. Tried joining the zellij discord. Flicker. Website goes in reload loop. Account is now disabled because "We've found your account to be in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines." Fuck you, #discord!

And pretty please, free software projects, don't have your community in proprietary walled gardens like #discord or #slack you have no control over. You're doing your users a disservice. Use #irc or #matrix or whatever. There are enough free alternatives.

Thanks for listening.

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On the input side my gratitude goes out to CMU Sphinx, Kaldi, Mozilla DeepSpeech, & Julius! As well as to Voice2JSON/Rhasspy for providing a highlevel wrapper around your choice of these!

Since I believe for privacy's sake it is vital to be running this voice transcription AIs (which the named projects implement in a myriad of ways) locally, which despite that not being the typical approach is how Voice2JSON works.

Please package Voice2JSON, it could be a great component for a freedesktop!

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Every fedi instance should have a #feditips account until there is no "official" feditips account

I say this because:
1) Every fedi instance should be able to contribute their tips
2) We need to crush all forms of centralization and abolish the idea of "official accounts"
And 3) if this is abused its an easy block list for ya anyway
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