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NewPipe fork with SponsorBlock functionality: https://github.com/polymorphicshade/NewPipe

Youtube-dl fork with sponskrub integration (adds chapter markers): https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp

mpv_sponsorblock (also supports submitting sponsor segments): https://github.com/po5/mpv_sponsorblock

All that's left is some sorta AI shit to blur out logos and branding from videos/images. Or replace them with Big Chungus.

let's share religious conservative transmisic quotes that makes us sound powerful instead 

"God is dead and been replaced by trans people" - response to "Trans people are sacred" billboard on Twitter

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I think it says something about my browsing habits that I only knew about the "half the internet being down" thing from people complaining about it.

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"This new note taking system is amazing!" starter pack:

proprietary software and storage format;
no API or tool hooks;
reinvents Zettlekästen, wikis, and/or Memex concepts without acknowledgement (and frequently missing key components);
syncs to a private cloud with no (or shitty) encryption, or assumes you'll only ever work on one machine;
gigantic kitchen sink prerequisites (Electron or "works with emacs/VScode/Eclipse");

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My bank just sent me a “secure email” where I had to click a link and open it in my browser to view it.

If only there was some way to encrypt emails, too bad it's completely and objectively impossible.

re: cloudflare 



re: transmedicalism, converting chuds 

transphobia is not a problem of individuals but rather of the system. so "converting chuds" is the wrong way to fight transphobia...

re: bigotry (unrelated rant) 

And Telegram is infamous for not banning bigots.. Like they instantly banned BLM groups and those who deanonimized police officers, but really large channels (tens of thousands members) doxxing women/queer people and spreading hateful ideas (there are even _unironic_ nazis) stay there for years x_x

robots cannot be exploited (in economical sense, not like using 0-day exploits)

articles are completely unnecessary, why not just stop using them?

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