Wow so amazing that a bright and brilliant black person was helped by a kind and loving white woman against the evils of systemic racism and it would have been /completely impossible/ without the white womans help

Movie plot: Black person is smart but society is racist so white woman fixes racism


Movie plot: Black person is considered less competent at finding solution that dog in sports movie but white lady saves the day

Movie plot: white person teaches uppity black pianist to be more black and also helps stop racism by being slightly less racist

@cute thank god us white people are around to singlehandedly solve the problem of racism that was created by no race or culture in particular. just one of those mysterious things that pops up from time to time without any explanation.

@cute Honestly, what's with dogs getting better treatment and representation in film? I feel like I've seen more shitty movies with dogs as the main character doing all these outrageous things than I have films starring people of color. And they dogs usually have more agency too

@toomuchbread white people easier relate with dogs than black n brown people it seems

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