I Do not like ICP do not text me their lyrics anymore I don’t care


I don’t listen to ICP in the car or on the train
I never ever listen when I’m here or on a plane

I don’t listen to ICP when I’m happy or I’m sad
In fact I absolutely hate them when I’m very very mad

I don’t listen to ICP, yes you see this it is true
I do no listen to ICP when I am green or I am blue.

Yes I think ICP is bad and I think ICP is suck
If ICP broke up then I would not give a fuck.

This is a Dr Suess poem actually. Written after discovering insane clown posse.

@cute Heh. My first thought on reading it was that it was a Dr. Seuss rhyme.

And tbh, I don't care for ICP either. I love what they do on the activist side of things and will always love and support them for that, but their music just isn't for me.

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