@Are0h nice. My first playthrough I rolled a brown nord sword lesbian

@cute Still haven’t played as Nord yet. After I helped the Stormcloaks win the war in my first play through, they went full racist.

The Imperials are asses but they are jerks to everyone at least.

@Are0h I’ll be honest I stopped playing Skyrim after my first 20 hours. I never played it with any mods or anything, just torrented it when it came out which was uhhhh sometime in high school for me

@cute YO, it’s so much better with mods. Base experience is alright, but it becomes infinitely repayable when modded.

@Are0h @cute there were some comments if you played as an elf that made it pretty clear I'd never try a Stormcloak run.

@Mateo @Are0h @cute every native race in the elder scrolls series is racist. i used to appreciate it as an attempt to make the player question the behaviour, now i just hate nords. 😕

@cute I gotta play NMH again and get around to Travis Strikes again. I heard she's gonna be DLC?

@fun i heard travis strikes again isn't very good apparently but i also have not been paying as much attention to it as i could. Just dont own a switch

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