guess which all-powerful tech monopoly is breaking ublock origin (and umatrix, and likely many other similar add-ons, such as noscript) in their browser, which happens to be the most popular browser in the world?

who could have foreseen this? who would ever think that an advertising company's web browser would end up breaking compatibility with an ad blocker? frankly i'm shocked

@lynnesbian they make fun of me for using Firefox stable but I have tree style tabs and adblocking so who’s laughing now


@a_breakin_glass @lynnesbian nice add on that I really enjoy. You used to not have to, but you can create a userchrome file to remove the horizontal tabs and keep tree style tabs n imo it uses the screen space better to display and organize your web tabs.

@a_breakin_glass older versions of Firefox allowed add on devs to change more of Firefox on their own with permissions but Mozilla changed that for the latest versions.

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