Hi, I’m a white college educated male, and I wanna say something controversial. The most vibrant genre of music out there right now? I think it’s rap. I know, wild, but those kids on the streets are doing something real. Now I’m not saying I’m a *hero* for expressing this, but, you know,

Æsop rock, now there's a fellow that brings controversial topics to the forefront, and I have formed Everest-scale brain tissue since finding this emcee on a Pandora station tuned to Doom. Too edgy and real of course to discuss with my fellow grad students, but I do chill out with $5 worth of weed and kick it to these tunes alone and terrified contemplating the deep meaning behind the lyrics.


@autotune @realmaxkeeble Aesop Rock is the first rapper I ever heavily stanned and I still do. He is genuinely one of the best out there. I saw him live here in Dallas n it was crazy how practiced he is at his delivery.

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