The main reason white people with black or brown people as avatars makes me uncomfortable is that other white people will probably think you're a black or brown person even if you're using a famous person as your avatar. Which makes it... Weird when some topics come up. It's also just something Twitter bots do and it's really creepy to see just imo. Not calling anyone out just putting this out there.

N I'm not saying like never use an avatar because of someone's skin just like be aware it's something that does happen subconsciously so step carefully.

@cute yeah i used to be one of those people, because i thought having an avatar of urkel's dad was inherently funny

around the fifth time people confused me for being an actual black cop it became deeply, deeply weird

@bryceyoungquist and it is on some level really funny! It's mostly just that it's something people should be conscious of before they start noticing things or the way people interact with them.

@cute There's a reason right-wing cartoonists often capitalize on this instinct by using PoC characters to deliver their messages IMO.

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