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Beating off to where’s Waldo still. It takes longer because it’s harder to find the good stuff

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@afroSwampMonster I am too poor to pay for the actualization of my self it has to be pro Bono discovery

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:slime: henmlo welcome to my sleminar (slime seminar) :slime:

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Citizens celebrate . . .
First truck arrives at Little Rardton Bridge

good chat tho (there's an ice level)

just want a nice drawing of a brown girl to use as an avi that isn't creepy hm

wow i cant believe that they Jesus Christ, The Son Of God to go on bomberguy and say trans rights

Hey friends! I have a new shirt. It's very cool and if you get one, you too can be very cool. I recommend getting one.

does anyone know the dark souls video titled like "some old footage before my hdd died" and its a bald dude running around with bows equipped to each hand just causing havok while this really catchy tecno song plays?

all the corny dems who wanna be hip are gonna go on twitch now and be awful. beto will do fortnite dancing and joe biden will get cancelled for his comments about bayonetta

Sparkle✨🌺 sparkle✨💖🌉🌸
Send me some cannabis or you don't know me well💖🌺

I got you with these fat pipes of straw hat based jewlerly 💖🍲✨✨✨

I’m a hypocrite come fucking call me out I don’t care I’m a loser baybee

I’m into me into you into everything we do when we see a wizard made of poo poo pee pee

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