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I am open to your hornt replies. You’ll be amazed at what you will find when you dm me.

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I’m just trying to get some money here dude I can make video essays about anything for you I can edit your kids football footage n make them look like god’s like hmu I need work

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Public Apology re: harassment 

Violence, a little funny but not really idk 

Do you know why hipsters always burn their mouths when they drink coffee?

Because they like it before it's cool.

are you tired of being cis? don't you just want to go trans gendd?

All I really want is for my smiles to not be fake

"IS THE NOTIFICATIONS BUTTON BROKEN" I shout, making aggressive eye contact, while you rightly ignore my bad posts

React if you can see this toot please

To me, as an American: German Dutch and polish all sound like “[hard sounds n sometimes something Latin rooted I think]”

black sails 

what's that sun sign, soybean popefucker??? 👀👂🏾

Activists getting arrested meta 

This is the time we destroy and rebuild it, they say

food, laying down, (~) 

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