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Introduction post, highlights edition:

:w10info: I'm Joris, I go by Clerical Terrors.

๐ŸŽ“ Twenty-something, back in college after a stint as a programmer, studying Artificial Intelligence.

:cyber_heart: I have too many interests and don't commit to any of them seriously enough.

๐ŸŽฎ But it's mostly going to be video games, and maybe a bit of anime and coding here and there.

:heart_trans: In this house all genders are valid and we respect pronouns.

:blobnotlike: If I mess it up though, please let me know, I want to try and be better.

all suspended and unable to federate with ๐Ÿ‘

there's two types of people

people who fave "goodnight" posts when they wake up, and people who fave them before the sleep.

I accidentally celebrated straight pride this year by not becoming a TV political analist. I would be great at sitting at a University level, lot of the latest Got season as having "too many scenes of people just talking".

maybe this is a mour, and what's so meta about the ones that go AAAAHH LOHBABA!

honey, I'm not gonna become a detriment to discourse?

YouTube, Gamers, discourse 

I love this slide, because it's not a map of how corrupt a country is

it's a map of how an undisclosed set of people *perceive* it to be corrupt

and it honestly tells you more about the people they asked than anything else

Some witch themed pendants still available on the shop. I hope you'll like them โœจ

Aurรฉlia: Exemplar with enchantements is a fucking beast :mtg_red: :mtg_white:

legal immunity? I cant believe de gaulle of some of these french presidents.

Me: "I'm not scared of thunder"
Also me: "I can't remember if showering while there's thunder outside is a risk and at this point I'm afraid to even Google it"

I'm aware of all the mistakes, but it's my first time and I'm happy enough with the results to just roll with it.

Finally finished building my own mech keyboard.

Cherry white switches, where have you been all my life

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