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Introduction post, highlights edition:

:w10info: I'm Joris, I go by Clerical Terrors.

🎓 Twenty-something, back in college after a stint as a programmer, studying Artificial Intelligence.

:cyber_heart: I have too many interests and don't commit to any of them seriously enough.

🎮 But it's mostly going to be video games, and maybe a bit of anime and coding here and there.

:heart_trans: In this house all genders are valid and we respect pronouns.

:blobnotlike: If I mess it up though, please let me know, I want to try and be better.

"don't need to migrate my code if i just maintain python2 myself"

its not that hard...racism as a phenomenon only started to exist when colonialism started to happen, as it was happening there was a lot of intellectual and academic justification for subjugating everyone else and that was when race started to coalesce as a taxonomic category. before there wasn't a notion of a white race just a nation. germanic peoples wouldn't feel any affinity with the british except through maybe like, shared roman nationhood. one of the first acts was the law passed that no christian would enslave another christian, so they would enslave africans.

concept: software but it actually fucking works

boys with hank hill ass falling in love with girls with peggy hill feet

This is a newish account so please follow if you are interested in

- a mutual that interacts w you a lot
- everything horror/creepy
- mental health experiences and support
- there’s more but I can’t think of it

please help me boosting this

The guy who wrote "Hell is other people" woke up every day to talk to crabs only he could see.

me: flatpak help
flatpak: did you mean `flatpak kill`

flatpak has a lot of murderous intent

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