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Introduction post, highlights edition:

:w10info: I'm Joris, I go by Clerical Terrors.

🎓 Twenty-something, back in college after a stint as a programmer, studying Artificial Intelligence.

:cyber_heart: I have too many interests and don't commit to any of them seriously enough.

🎮 But it's mostly going to be video games, and maybe a bit of anime and coding here and there.

:heart_trans: In this house all genders are valid and we respect pronouns.

:blobnotlike: If I mess it up though, please let me know, I want to try and be better.

Gamers: "We want developers to be more open and honest with us."
Devs: "Some of you are entitled juvenile dipshits."
Gamers: "No we meant, like, calling this lady on twitter a slut."

In Unity dev culture, you don’t say “get thee behind me satan,” you say “[HideInInspector]”, and I think that’s beautiful

#1yrago Leaked Facebook memo reveals "psychological trick" developed to entice high-school students to sign on

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a sitting person in possession of an empty lap, must be in want of a cat.

@garfiald to get into the swedish academy you have to write a book 30 years ago and then sexually harass people for the rest of your life

one really fun aspect of the french academy is that french people perceive membership as a sign of the highest achievement possible in the domain of letters. however, i can factually demonstrate that multiple members have done nothing whatsoever to justify their membership, and plainly got in through insider connections

Hot Take but if your only discernable personality trait is liking japanese cartoon erotica I don't think you have much of a leg to stand on when you wanna tell people their sexuality isn't the same as having a personality.

Wild wiiiild hogs
Couldn't keep them awaaaaay

*spills my ice cream on the 12th of every month :tinking:

I want to meet someone who gets really mad over continuity errors on Sesame Street. They’re just absolutely fuming when Burt says strawberries are his favorite fruit when he he clearly states in a 1979 episode it’s watermelon.

instance meta, isnotalive admin 

Who is John Delaney why is his dumb fucking face all over the birdsite TL?

highly upset that mastodon doesn't offer any convenient method of blocking myself. am i supposed to acknowledge my own posts? bow to the whims of my mind? just deal with the fact that me says things and i have to see them? i already have to deal with me 24/7 irl why would i want to see my content online

My dad:
:drake_dislike: saving your passwords with a password manager
:drake_like: writing them all down in a tiny notebook and simply cross them out when changed

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