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Hi, i'm Chonk I do silly little poems and I write short stories sometimes. But mostly I talk about being trans and sad.

I'm looking for people to be sad and trans with.

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The fascists are arresting elders on their fucking land right now.

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i still remember the time a KDE developer unfollowed me after i had to explain why all cops are bastards

oh dear ive accidentally made a popular toot


but no seriously, this skirt, this cardigan, and im not sure on the shoes or top yet.

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im gonna buy all the cute clothes and nobody can stop me!

*checks bank balance*

fuck shit damn

Trans and non-binary people worth listening to instead of ContraPoints (2/2):

Nyx Fears
> Hi! I'm May and I'm a girl out of Texas that loves weird stuff. Movies, music, art, hecking...pottery! Whatever, it's weird I like it. My channel is dedicated to my love of weird stuff SO come along and go on a weird nightmare adventure with me. I will be your guide through the things you don't care about yet and don't need to see.

> Leftist vlogger, songwriter, singer and rapper. They/Them.

> I do commentary, opinions, and other things. That's about it.

Tash Reynolds
> hi, im tash. all i talk about is ancient mythology, modern history and culture.

Thought Slime
> I'm a smug anarchist poseur vomiting out video essays for you. I love you.

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Trans and non-binary people worth listening to instead of ContraPoints (1/2):

> Anarchist Trans Girl. She/Her. Making Video Essays and hot takes.

> I'm a disabled pan-sexual trans woman who talks about anarchism, feminism and marxism.

> I do youtube, I do twitch, I do driving my life into a ditch. She/Her or They/Them if y'all feeling spicy.

> trans lefts

Low T Charlie
> Anarchocommunism. Trans. He/him.

Mia Mulder
> Historian and general smart person who does YouTube. Pure ideology, protector of plants and the next answer to the question "what if Slavoj Zizek was a girl with better politics?"

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