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the American founding fathers are the most overrated batch of schmucks in all of human history

fyi something's been up w/ patchwork and i haven't been able to log into my scuttlebutt account at all

@b9AcE this is true but there also is a big problem with antisemitism among a lot of antizionist circles in my opinion, and antisemites often use antizionism as a hide for their antisemitism. nmr for example often self identifies as antizionist. gentiles must be careful not to buy into antisemitism when organising or arguing against israel imo.

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The "Internationalist Commune of Rojava" has asked people to join the campaign against the Swedish companies SSAB (steel) and Scania (vehicles) supporting Erdoğan's illegal invasion of Rojava in alliance with al-Qaeda affliates.

hey everyone, im rather new here but i figure this account would be used for posting tea session photos, and perhaps doodles or other passing thoughts. i'm a linguistics major, interested in speech pathology and phonetics. other interests include: modular synthesizers, creepy things, and the sweet smell of fresh earth.
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se mi nur estus cisviro, mia Esperanto-gramatiko estus perfekta.

So, don't tell anyone, but today I was merrily bisexual.

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Efforts to "modernize" copyright law should take new creators into account and not be dictated by large media conglomerates #CopyrightWeek

Today I read what basically seemed like a hit-piece on Mastodon to warn people away from it because of internal disputes.

Yet here I am, enjoying my feed of #Linux and tech fans, seeing no adverts, not having random tweets promoted that I couldn't give a rats arse about, not having to *for the tenth time* tell it to order my toots normally...the list goes on.

Mastodon is lovely.

so i've been getting a lot out of the following (partially) free podcasts

news in slow french:

news in slow spanish (European):

news in slow spanish (Latin American):

bonus: the french and european spanish podcasts talk about identical things, which is good because my spanish is better than my french so i can listen to both

The internet is not the domain of white sensibilities. It is not the property of the most awful people humanity has to offer.

It is for all of us. There is space for everyone to have healthy community that actually edifies and brightens our lives rather than make it worse.

Many people who just so happen to be white do not believe that and they specifically target people like me to ruin our experience and sour the well.

But they cannot stop what I'm doing. They can't stop what we are building

They want me to admit I'm wrong about white people while simultaneously engaging in the behavior (over days) that prompted the comment in the first place.

And here's the thing. I've you've been following me for awhile, you know I'm not the type of person to be swayed by pile ons, insults, threats, white tempter tantrums, etc.

White people believe if they are awful enough to people like me we'll just be quiet and go away.

But I won't. And this makes white people on the fedi very, very angry.

I'm a reasonable person. If you believe me to be wrong, state your case. The most effective way of engaging with me is talking to me as a person.

However, there hasn't been one person who has disagreed with the sentiment that can do so in a rational intelligent manner. Not one.

It's either classically racist taunts or less than clever strings of insults meant to antagonize, intimidate, demean, etc.

Ha, which kind of proves my point about how insufferable white people are.

See how that works?

Ha, the weebos are still upset about my comment concerning how rare it is to come across white people that one can have a conversation with in a rational, calm and stable manner.

It's funny because their unhinged frothy mouthed retorts of how RACIST I am is a great illustration of why the original comment is so relevant in these spaces.

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