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I'll be migrating this account over to @brokhele in the near future, coinciding with my intent to stop using this overly assimilationist pseudonym.

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New prose poem, "Myths and Facts About FBI Informants at Writing Workshops," at Unbroken Journal

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hey so we have two disabled trans women in this house atm, one of whom is in the process of filing for disability and doesn't have it yet, and one older low-income gay man, very vulnerable to coronavirus, who has no more work for the rest of the month, so if anyone would like to help us, i know things are tough for everyone right now but anything helps #transcrowdfund

Allosemitism, ambivalence about Jews, has been described as a form of fear of people who defy clear-cut boundaries

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there's no clear separation between "ethnic Jews" and "religious Jews", or "secular Jews" and "religious Jews", or "JINOs" and good, true Jews who agree with Ben Shapiro on everything

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all of which is to say that the BS you hear out of Ben Shapiro's mouth really is BS

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many of us are also religious in one way, spiritual in a completely different way. like my dad who has always said he believed in a form of God but not in a Jewish God... but, the Jewish religion was meaningful to him and he felt a need to bring his children up within it, etc..

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there was a Jew on Tumblr who said "i'm religious, but not spiritual." i think that sums up the attitudes of a lot of Jews, though many of us are neither and many are both.

i can't call myself devoutly religious, but i enjoy Jewish prayer, i enjoy Jewish observances, i even enjoy turning off the computer for Shabbos when i am in a spot where i can manage this. i have a sort of poetic religiosity that i learned from studying Jewish poets, but this is not a literal belief in Judaism.

@gendertreyf @kittybecca precisely! imho, best way to sidestep this tricky issue and avoid offending anybody is to refer to the Hebrew Bible as the "Old Testament"

@khavermates @kittybecca I think the distinction matters. How else are you supposed to talk about Gaddites or Benjaminites or the like without being inaccurate?!

@kittybecca idk, it seems to me like a useful distinction, you know, for the many many times I need to differentiate the pre- and post-Assyrian conquest Jews in everyday conversation 🤔

classically, the only meaningful distinction between Jews and Hebrews was by tribe. if you were to say that i wasn't a Jew but a Levite because my family traces our descent through Levi rather than Judah, you would technically be correct for that definition of "Jew." in which case, i would be a Hebrew but not a Jew, as would many other Jews be today

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Separating Hebrews from Jews is a Christian tactic used to justify their contempt for Jews despite being entirely founded on "Hebrew" scripture

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Hebrew and Jewish: what's the difference? arguably, Hebrew also includes the Samaritans, and that's it. there's no other difference.

the present political era began when a certain demographic of white male began to identify with the joker rather than tyler durden. in this essay I will

I just had surgical revisions and I'm not as mobile as I'd like to be, which makes it hard to do things I normally do like cook, walk to the store, etc. My girlfriend has two herniated disks in her back and has a hard time doing these things herself. We're also getting evicted in April, so we could use some money to help with getting food that we can eat, public transport costs, etc. If you want to help us:


found poetry is the art of discovering the best poets who don't know it

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