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I'll be migrating this account over to @brokhele in the near future, coinciding with my intent to stop using this overly assimilationist pseudonym.

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New prose poem, "Myths and Facts About FBI Informants at Writing Workshops," at Unbroken Journal

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If you like my writing and want to support it, please feel free to do so in any of the following ways:


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I still don't have Patreon, naturally.

the present political era began when a certain demographic of white male began to identify with the joker rather than tyler durden. in this essay I will

I just had surgical revisions and I'm not as mobile as I'd like to be, which makes it hard to do things I normally do like cook, walk to the store, etc. My girlfriend has two herniated disks in her back and has a hard time doing these things herself. We're also getting evicted in April, so we could use some money to help with getting food that we can eat, public transport costs, etc. If you want to help us:


found poetry is the art of discovering the best poets who don't know it

Teepublic's having a sale! Everything is 35% off. Not sure how long it's going on for, but it says the prices will increase in 35 hours, meaning at that point it'll be a slightly lower discount for however long.

My store:

lizer into progressive rock, warm rock someone scribble "tran rights" on

I think we can all agree that one of the most annoying things is white hetnorm guys in the imperial core who yell about wEsTeRn LeFtIsM whenever they see dyed hair, people talking about representation in media, or discussions relating to accessibility.

The rest of the world's left isn't a bunch of aggressively normlord chauvinists. Get a fucking grip.

lewd, kink 

Hi y’all, aid request: I’m an afrolatinx+Indigenous+Jewish+chronically ill+disabled trans person & my partner is trans+chronically ill+disabled & just lost their job last week. Funds are already stretched beyond my capacity to meet our needs & it’s only been a week 😭 We could use some help staying afloat w/ utility bills, medical copays to stay okay until they get a new job. Anything is super appreciated!

Cashapp: $vicentevalentino
Venmo: vicente-vazquez-2

Martin Scorsese's case against superhero movies would be more convincing if he hadn't just released his 59th movie about gangster manpain

"Punching Postwar Nazis"

Daniel Sonabend discusses the lost history and legacy of the 43 Group—a post-World War II association of British Jewish antifascist fighters.

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