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The war on drugs has made rich people richer, taken away voting rights for a huge number of PoC and leftists. It's militarized the police.

The war on drugs was a fascist coup.

The "war on drugs" has always been about a war on the left. People say that the war on drugs didn't work, but it did. Concentration camps are now normal in the US. The president is a nazi. Activists are regularly murdered by police and sometimes by right wing extremists with no investigation.

The war on drugs did exactly what it was intended to do. The war on drugs was a success. It brought exactly the fascist government it was built to bring.

If you consider yourself a centrist, you're being played.
-- Kevin Carson

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I'm upset by @fdroidorg 's decision, but I'm equally upset at their attempt to control the conversation to avoid "discussions getting out of hand."

Please, develop a sense of perspective: you're advocating there's nothing wrong with y'all distributing software that helps people harass others, and wringing your hands about "discussions getting out of hand?" You're facilitating things that will get far more out of hand.


freud and fraud are only one character apart and that is NO coincidence

@cambrian_era I'm sure you saw but Kiwifarms has an instance now at, can you get on that ol' domain block? kiwifarms should be treated basically the same as gab


List of gab instances 

if you want to make money off of writing, make sure you get three professional writers to look over your work. then, while they're distracted, take their money.

TERF propaganda 

nazis, please help 

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This dumpster gets me, a fallen residents who complains about days.

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