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I am centrist in that I think the angry, burny anarchists and the hopeful, sunshine anarchist both make good points.

tip for learning new alphabets that i'll pass along, though i can't remember where i first got it

go to a wikipedia page such as:


then go to the sidebar and select the language you're learning (if there's a translation into it)

and see if you can read the names of winners, which are generally transliterated versions of the english names, e.g. Кэтрин Хепбёрн

@kittybecca There was also a major Modern Hebrew literary movement in America, predating the First Aliyah.

not to mention Sephardim wrote a lot of poetry in Hebrew during the Middle Ages, really good poems inspired by Arabic poetry

a lot of the revival of literary hebrew happened in europe... and while that was overly focused on an idealized version of the language from a particular time, we can drop that part of it

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2019 diaspora challenge: write something secular in hebrew. don't mention israel.

additional 2019 diaspora challenge: write something secular in the Jewish language of your recent ancestors, e.g. Yiddish, Judeo-Spanish, etc..

so, language learning tip: frequency lists are your friend

these are lists of the most common words in your target language. learning these words is extremely helpful with comprehension.

you can very often get flashcard decks of frequency lists for the libre flashcard program anki:

often you can also get decks of sentences sorted by word frequency! sentence lists are also your friend. is a site full of example sentences.

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as trans people, we seriously accept a lot of shit from cis people. they make a big scene out of everything they get right, or correct. they dont deserve praise just for calling you your NAME. they dont deserve praise for accepting trans people as what they are, fucking people. do not congratulate cis people on basic human communication

When im president I will ban all genders from serving in the military

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No Nazis. No Fascists. No bigotry. Listen and be excellent to each other.