I know from experience that "no human being is capable of unconditional love" sounds like a dismal statement to other people. so let me back up. when people ask one another for love in a healthy way, and call it unconditional, they are asking for conditional love, but with reasonable conditions, and with trust.

"my love comes with the condition that you do not try to kill me, and the trust that you would never."

to me, unconditional love implies the Divine in a direct, qualitative way: I don't think a love that is genuinely without conditions is either a possible thing for a human being to hold, nor is it a reasonable or even good goal. when people's reasonable conditions are violated, and they try to have love without those conditions, that love is another way in which the person they love is hurting and wronging them.

only God, or *a* god of the right kind, *could* love unconditionally; no-one down here should try. love with reasonable conditions and with trust.

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