So what? Seems rational to me. I mean if ya got the mosquito at least. Did you get the mosquito, Bridge? Did you make sure it was dead? The mosquito could be out there, it could be watching us right now. Best to torch the rest of the neighborhood, just to be safe.

@bridge the hard drive was a cop so of course I shredded it

So I go for the extreme solution sometimes. So I burn a house down to kill a mosquito. It’s a mosquito. That house was gonna burn down anyway. Don’t look at me like that.

- abolish street parking
- turn the extra space into dedicated transit lanes, protected bike lanes, and wider sidewalks
- construct a park & ride transit hub in every major neighborhood, using eminent domain to seize commercial space when necessary
- snap up dying malls and big-box retail stores, demolish them, and turn them and their absurdly large parking lots into affordable housing, public recreation space, and more transit hubs

Were my posts not good enough? My boosts... not true enough?

If you wanna know the way to my heart as a cis guy then here it is

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Ill eat the rich for like. Ceremonial purposes. I mean if I have to. Look just let me eat some rich people.

Just a reminder that Steve Jobs tried to cure himself by eating cucumber slices and died. No one is smart on a level that makes them deserving of gross wealth inequality and there should be no billionaires.

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I’m so extravagantly fake smart and fake woke it’s great

“I’m a communications major!” I chuckle as I begin cutting wires, clock ticking steadily.

Lucy was born with her middle finger shorter than the others. She was embarrassed about it in school until one day the prosthetic she wore fell off. One classmate began to make fun of her, but she found herself not needing to defend herself. The rest of the class was already doing that for her.

Johnny was about 15 when his first pistol was given to him for his birthday. At age 27 he robbed a liquor store with it so he could leave America. It was never loaded.

I look at the camera. My eyes are exhausted. Tired from ages past of existing and thousands of ages worth of lost free time. Thrown aside to the monolith of video games and other forms of entertainment media. The sides of my mouth form a smile that exists to sell products to other wage slaves. We are elves eternally in Santa’s workshop.

“I am Dead Inside.”

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