I love the sound of a faraway freight train at night when it’s quiet and you should be sleeping. It sounds like an invitation.

@fraying How about a close freight train? The goats now live essentially next to a freight rail ravine called the Cut.

@bixmediocre unsure. Never lived right by one. I did live basically next door to a freeway for a few years and I got used to that, so I bet the goats will do fine.

@fraying I don’t think anyone other than Lefty has even noticed, and I think that was because he could feel the vibration.

@bixmediocre yeah. It’s all part of the new normal for them.

@bixmediocre @fraying I used to live a couple of blocks away from freight train tracks that happened to be a stopping point for them, and it was slightly downhill to boot. The result was a 30 minute long opera of gently squealing brakes at ever decreasing pitch, each wheel slightly different from the next. It was the most beautifully haunting thing to listen to at night. It's been 20 years and I still miss it.

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