Markdown is shit.

It makes my brain have to work so fucking hard just to remember the how that I give up on the what, which is the actual reason for being in writing mode in the first place.

Markdown is shit. Developers of new social and blogging platforms please give up on markdown. Microblog and Write As, I am looking at you.

So much of Medium is garbage, but the writing experience is painless and *looks like writing*, not like fucking code.

Markdown is gatekeeping.

Markdown *is* elegant, but it’s elegant in a way that primarily appeals to command-line nerds. I say this as someone who hand-coded HTML for years and *hated* HTML editors. But code is code, and writing is writing, and you shouldn’t be forcing people to write writing in code.

I get it, I guess. The frontline of creating new platforms consists of nerds, and they are going to make the user tools to suit themselves when starting out. But at some point, you gotta stop being precious about it and make tools for *people*.

It was rightly pointed out to me by @jackie that markdown has benefits for the visually impaired, which I fully admit hadn’t occured to me.

My complaint, really, isn’t about its existence, but about being forced to use it. If we are talking accessiblity, markdown is far less accessible for me, personally, because of (as @teleclimber puts it) its “cognitive overhead” compared to WYSIWYG.

Also my complaint is about the zealotry around markdown.

@bixmediocre It's useful for blind people who may have difficulty navigating a word processing GUI 🙂

@jackie And that’s great. I don’t have an issue with it existing. I have an issue with it being the only option.

@bixmediocre Big agree. Medium is my favorite online place to write. They nailed that aspect.

I’m kinda surprised no one has made an open source Medium-like editor widget.

@fraying @bixmediocre I think there are several such widgets. And the major editor libraries keep getting better and more customizable. See prosemirror and ckeditor, for example.

But MD is trendy and many developers are living in this fantasy land where they think everybody including non-devs loves the markdown.

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