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I hope Kaiser has a spare chair to throw me into because I don’t have a ride home from surgery on Friday until 4:00pm.

While it’s true that I think cynicsm is just frustrated optimism (otherwise it would just be pessimism, or nihilism), it’s hard to be merely cynical that someone(s) out there thought a lifestyle profile of Nancy Pelosi written by Maureen Dowd was what this particular inflection point in American political history needed from any of us right now.

When you go to see what someone is talking about and realize it’s tough because you have one of two parties muted.

My tour of international Netflix shows continues, having watched Jinn and the latest season of Dark now it’s on to Leila.

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A Story of the Whitebro's Journey Through Mastodon 

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Fediverse etiquette question:

A bunch of folk have boosted parts of my "whitebro journey" thread.

Would it be apprioriate to @ them (individual, DMed unless their profile requests otherwise) to make them aware of a longer blog post covering the same topic?

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@codesections what you said was "Our practice has been to draw a distinction between 'speech to' and 'speech about'"

That distinction isn't in the CoC, and it isn't in the spirit of the text of that document, so to me, it is a narrowing construction.

Let me know if the practice changes.

You might consider running the practice by the original author(s) to see whether they agree its consistent with the text. Seems clear to me it isn't.

I really cannot suddenly have scout ants popping up randomly in my apartment one week before surgery.

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Like dude PoC and queers are tougher than you by virtue of surviving, you are the one being a huge fucking baby about having to modify your behavior in any way because the social region of your brain went into read-only mode when you were 17.

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Instead of posting about it scattered a dozen places I wrote about it once in response to an email from a friend and have now uploaded it here: my opinion on the Kev and FOSStodon thing.

If you want to give me feedback, please DM me here or, preferred, send an email to

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Honest "Free Speech" 

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More fosstodon subtooting 

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Still on this bullshit, I'm done soon I promise 

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More rambling about offence 

So that warning they’ve been putting on  episodes about strobe lighting? No joke for episode six. Be extra warned, it’s very harsh.

Starting episode six of the new season of Get Out of the Fucking Room Already, I mean Stranger Things.

I wish more :mastodon: apps were free but in-app upgrades so I could try them out first.

In the absence of either search or functional archives in , it would be nice if at least regular search engines were fully crawling my blog, so there were *some* way to find shit.

Birdsite screencap, Trump rally, karma 

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