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No, yeah, dropped. Realized I have A Dead Djinn in Cairo on hand and will start in on that tonight. Or, I guess, maybe finish it as it’s short.

I don’t really want to abandon this The Wandering Earth collection after only two stories, but the third one already is a slog. I hate dropping books, though.

I don’t currently have access to any of my other fiction picks, though, so I’m not sure what to do. (I always have one fiction and one nonfiction going at the same time.)

A real and stupefying thing I just saw on birdsite just now.

"Is there a model for renting books? Not a library. Something a bit more modern with a great and easy experience.”

Said person of course is in the tech industry, who thinks that anything and everything somehow must be made better through disruption.

There are libraries. Just borrow the damned book for free.

I turned on federation on Write House, which is still closed as I slowly work on things, but it means my own blog is followable at @bix now.

📺 Black Mirror indecision 

The dangers of generalist blogging like its the 90s/00s again is that, yes, I wrote about this, too.

Decades ago I ran into the writer Mary MacLane in a book of so-called “insane writings”.

In true autistic fashion, I dove head-first into research mode for months and months, including obtaining material from the Montana Historical Society.

How times change.

Now it’s 2019 and she has a *damned entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica*.

The good news is that with Portland heading toward 100º, my little mother-in-law apartment that’s mostly surrounded by trees today stayed at 68º, no AC, no fans, while it got up to 85º and sun all day outside.

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who called them "rationalists" and not "stans to reason"?

⚕️ Medical update 

⚕️ Doctor’s appointment annoyances 

⚕️ Doctor’s appointment annoyances 

⚕️ Doctor’s appointment annoyances 

⚕️ Doctor’s appointment annoyances 

I didn’t really mean to tweak the default @write_as CSS this much, and I might actually roll it all back, but this process at least has been pretty diverting, and I do really like the changes. They are mostly subtle, but distinctive from the original.

Still, the tweaks I’m making to my blog are coming along.

I forgot how ridiculous troubleshooting CSS can be. Here, blog title, be extra bold… wait, why is this single character in the middle of a link at the bottom of the page now also extra bold?

Experiencing my first bloody nose in maybe more than a decade thanks Monday.

Oops I’m dizzyingly tired but I got up and opened the laptop because I’d suddenly realized the CSS I needed for something on my blog and it couldn’t wait until morning I guess but now I will pay for it when I wake up tomorrow I mean later today.

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