Spoilers for Star Trek Nemesis 

@interneteh Presumably we will find out in the Picard series.

Sorry, I’ve sort of retreated to the comfort zone of my established relationships on birdsite, and to regularly hitting my blog. It’s in inverse of what most people here feel, I think, but trying to forge new connections here is an anxiety I don’t get staying in my safe zone. Not abandoning Mastodon, or my deadinsi.de account; I just don’t have psychic space for it right now.

@emsenn If i felt guilty about every space I inhabit online or off that is compromised I would have to live on the moon.

@emsenn I don’t generally wonder what someone’s response is going to be.

@emsenn I don’t feel any guilt for using Twitter.

@jackie Hilariously, it’s printed slightly crooked, which drives the third item on the shirt mad.

USpol, DSA national having another fucky-wucky 

@Zero_Democracy The fuck.

@emsenn @mercurymusing I admittedly was mostly confused by how the piece went from being appreciated to being bullshit when the only thing that had changed was the other person’s presumptions were dispelled. That’s on them not on the piece or its author.

@checkervest Also it’s deceptive because the strobes in S3E6 are way way worse than in any other episode. It was the one sequence I couldn’t look at the screen for.

my white privilege reading habits 

@lj_writes @Holly @mcmoots (I’ve been trying to deliberately expand my reading sources over the last two years, too. There might be some other stuff on my Goodreads read list (bixmediocre).

my white privilege reading habits 

@lj_writes @Holly @mcmoots You can sort of just jump in with her. I think I did the Akata Witch books first. Also try the Shadowshaper books from Daniel Jose Older.

condescending attitudes toward poor people 

@interneteh Yeah but that worth doesn’t pay my rent.

Portland, cops, milkshakes 

Redcap/profa Twitter is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. They literally believe that a bunch of queers handing out vegan milkshakes that people were drinking all afternoon long were *actually* handing out shake-shaped concrete brick weapons.

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Portland, cops, milkshakes 

Local police just sort of casually announced “information” that milkshakes being handed out at today’s antifa event contained “quick-drying cement”. No evidence, no suggestion they’d even seen any evidence.

Do we take bets on how many days or weeks it will be before they walk it back? (Too late, as it’s already become holy writ in profa twitter circles.)

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New blog post 

'So here's a thing we will have to watch unfold over the next several days or...'. See write.house/bix for more.

New blog post 

'And so as June comes to a close and the year is halfway done, I seem already to...'. See write.house/bix for more.

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