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Going to do a podcast about Lost, as someone who has never seen Lost, and my friends who have seen it just try to explain it to me while I talk about existentialism and conspiracy theories.

autism question, mh? 

@annika This toot made me go check something and now I am sad that, the best domain ever, is gone.

autism question, mh? 

Before I take a break from :mastodon: here’s red panda Mei Mei having an evening snack during the Oregon Zoo’s “twilight Tuesday” hours.

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(It’s tough being the middle-aged liberal/progressive fart in a sea of anarcho-socialist utopianists, which is mostly how it feels here.)

This is the longest I’ve survived on :mastodon: so it’s probably time for another break, just without abandoning the account altogether this time.

Sometimes I wish mastodon had a “delete all my toots” button.

@viciousviscosity No. I just want a life free from expectations.

I think I am too much of an old fart for mastodon.

Won’t know until I get home but I might have made up for not getting anything usable on Friday...

And then the Senate Majority leader referred to chattel slavery as an example of “discrimination of one kind or another” and implied that electing Obama was reparations.

I really need a circular polarizer filter but really I’d only be able to afford the AmazonBasics version but I kind of need it today and that’s not going to happen.

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read receipts are fuckin snitches dude. it takes me forever to reply to messages bc i’m an idiot with social anxiety, you don’t gotta put me on blast.

🇺🇸 politics, crying “never again”, doing nothing 

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