I wrote about needing time. (CW: There’s some medical/surgery references in here, too.)


⚕️ Medical scans, uh-oh, stimming 

White supremacists and racist researchers wrongly think genetics explains the rise of Western civilization.

One probable real explanation is likely not what they want to hear: it was just the pure, dumb luck of geology.


Remember when, in a previous :mastodon: incarnation, I really went off on Markdown?

Since moving to the WriteFreely-powered , that’s what I’m writing in every day now, and I barely even think about it.

Is this a 😬 or a 🤷‍♂️?

🧠 Autism, birdsite (blog) 

I wrote a bit about the best episode of CityLab’s Technopolis podcast—Hannah Beachler talking about the production design of ’s “Golden City”—and mused about Rukaiyah Adams and “Albina Vision” here in .


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