I wrote about needing time. (CW: There’s some medical/surgery references in here, too.)


⚕️ Medical scans, uh-oh, stimming 

I wrote about reading my computerized axial tomography results, flapping through words like “malignancy” and “probable”, and waiting to hear from my primary care physician.



White supremacists and racist researchers wrongly think genetics explains the rise of Western civilization.

One probable real explanation is likely not what they want to hear: it was just the pure, dumb luck of geology.


Remember when, in a previous :mastodon: incarnation, I really went off on Markdown?

Since moving to the WriteFreely-powered , that’s what I’m writing in every day now, and I barely even think about it.

Is this a 😬 or a 🤷‍♂️?

🧠 Autism, birdsite (blog) 

I wrote about leaving autism-Twitter, in an act of self-care.


I wrote a bit about the best episode of CityLab’s Technopolis podcast—Hannah Beachler talking about the production design of ’s “Golden City”—and mused about Rukaiyah Adams and “Albina Vision” here in .


Serenity Laboratories

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