I wrote this in the wake of the Nick Starr-Street incident.

It’s about the time I yelled at a black high school girl, and how being isn’t an excuse for being unaware of your own behavior.

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I wrote about needing time. (CW: There’s some medical/surgery references in here, too.)


⚕️ Medical scans, uh-oh, stimming 

I wrote about reading my computerized axial tomography results, flapping through words like “malignancy” and “probable”, and waiting to hear from my primary care physician.



🧠 Autism, birdsite (blog) 

I wrote about leaving autism-Twitter, in an act of self-care.


🧠 Autism, empathy, conflict 

A thing happened at breakfast out the other day, and today I suddenly realized something about one part of my social anxiety.


I wrote about what psychologists apparently are terming “derailment”, and the notion of having “a stable, constant sense of self”, which I’ve never had, and what learning in midlife that I was had to say about it.


Surgical/Recovery Anxiety 

Do hashtags get picked up if they are behind a CW? Because I’d love to know if any other people have had any snags with hyperfocus causing them to not properly get to catheter maintenance tasks when they ought to. 😶

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Hello. My name is Bix. This is my mediocre life. 😐

He/him. 👨

White/male/straight/cis. 🤷‍♂️

Midlife-diagnosed . 🧠

At any given moment, this might be replaced. 👀

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