📷 Me, close to a break, melt, or shutdown 

Birdsite screencap, Trump rally, karma 

Portlanders gather behind lines of origami cranes and replica relocation orders at Saturday’s rally in solidarity with protests at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

From the Fort Sill protest solidarity rally at the Japanese-American Historical Plaza in Portland, OR.

Before I take a break from :mastodon: here’s red panda Mei Mei having an evening snack during the Oregon Zoo’s “twilight Tuesday” hours.

Won’t know until I get home but I might have made up for not getting anything usable on Friday...

Desi is a reticulated giraffe at the Oregon Zoo and that’s his tongue and that’s his nose.

Okay now this guy, Toyo, is cooking tuna with a blow torch, tossing the pieces with his bare hand which he’s dipped into cold water first. Unseen here: he’s usually also smoking a cigarette, which he also lights with the blow torch.

Here for 74-year-old Jay Fai‘s street cook aesthetic. ( on Netflix.)

📚 Asperger’s disparagement in fiction 

I really like how the Oregon Zoo chimps look in black-and-white but I always feel like I am cheating them if I don’t also just show them how they are.

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