Friends are people in your life, not people on the other side of the world who know how to use social media and happen to like the same poetry. Friends make social media pointless. They get together in person on a fairly regular basis. They hug and shake hands. They laugh (or gag) when the other one farts. Friends meet you at the café in 30 minutes, or pick you up from the doctor when you can’t make it home.



@wion I’m afraid I’m with the other folks I am seeing in the replies: this take is weirdly regressive for 2019. I have people I’ve known only online for two decades who are among the first to check in with me when it’s clear my anxiety or depression is spiking. I have people I’ve known both online and off but mostly online for the past decade who offer help and support. These are not somehow less real because online, be it FB or otherwise.

@wion That companies like Facebook might be *exploiting* these real connections between people does not somehow inherently negate the value of those connections. Greed exploits all kinds of good, but it doesn’t automatically or inherently erase the good it’s exploiting.

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