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Once a week I would like something to make me feel the way a broken and recovering Rhodey feels about “Tony Stank”.

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Hello. My name is Bix. This is my mediocre life. 😐

He/him. 👨

White/male/straight/cis. 🤷‍♂️

Midlife-diagnosed . 🧠

At any given moment, this might be replaced. 👀

Sorry, I’ve sort of retreated to the comfort zone of my established relationships on birdsite, and to regularly hitting my blog. It’s in inverse of what most people here feel, I think, but trying to forge new connections here is an anxiety I don’t get staying in my safe zone. Not abandoning Mastodon, or my account; I just don’t have psychic space for it right now.

Jeffrey Epstein’s sophon 

Health/mental health 


Surgery was today 

I found it. I fucking found it. Outerscope 1, a segment on Vegetable Soup.

It was your basic upright conical space capsule shape.

Hey fellow old people: identify the 60s or 70s kids television show where they had a rocketship made out of wood. It wasn’t a cartoon, but I don’t know if it was puppets or real kids. Might have been a segment on a larger show.

Is anyone building your basic internet bulletin board/discussion forum software, like vBulletin or whatever, but federated?

(This is not an instance issue it’s a follows curation issue on my part.)

I think I need to find the mastodon that doesn’t just talk about mastodon all the time.

⚕️ My crumbling body ⚕️ 

Oh good latest bloodwork says my kidneys are messed up, too.

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