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Once a week I would like something to make me feel the way a broken and recovering Rhodey feels about “Tony Stank”.

Even if I’m not really :mastodon: ing lately, I should probably at least update my bio at some point.

Sorry, I’ve sort of retreated to the comfort zone of my established relationships on birdsite, and to regularly hitting my blog. It’s in inverse of what most people here feel, I think, but trying to forge new connections here is an anxiety I don’t get staying in my safe zone. Not abandoning Mastodon, or my account; I just don’t have psychic space for it right now.

Jeffrey Epstein’s sophon 

Health/mental health 

I’m still here I’m just not here.


Surgery was today 

I found it. I fucking found it. Outerscope 1, a segment on Vegetable Soup.

It was your basic upright conical space capsule shape.

Hey fellow old people: identify the 60s or 70s kids television show where they had a rocketship made out of wood. It wasn’t a cartoon, but I don’t know if it was puppets or real kids. Might have been a segment on a larger show.

Is anyone building your basic internet bulletin board/discussion forum software, like vBulletin or whatever, but federated?

(This is not an instance issue it’s a follows curation issue on my part.)

I think I need to find the mastodon that doesn’t just talk about mastodon all the time.

⚕️ My crumbling body ⚕️ 

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