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Once a week I would like something to make me feel the way a broken and recovering Rhodey feels about “Tony Stank”.

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Hello. My name is Bix. This is my mediocre life. 😐

He/him. 👨

White/male/straight/cis. 🤷‍♂️

Midlife-diagnosed . 🧠

At any given moment, this might be replaced. 👀

I found it. I fucking found it. Outerscope 1, a segment on Vegetable Soup.

It was your basic upright conical space capsule shape.

Hey fellow old people: identify the 60s or 70s kids television show where they had a rocketship made out of wood. It wasn’t a cartoon, but I don’t know if it was puppets or real kids. Might have been a segment on a larger show.

Is anyone building your basic internet bulletin board/discussion forum software, like vBulletin or whatever, but federated?

(This is not an instance issue it’s a follows curation issue on my part.)

I think I need to find the mastodon that doesn’t just talk about mastodon all the time.

⚕️ My crumbling body ⚕️ 

Oh good latest bloodwork says my kidneys are messed up, too.

So yeah anyway surgery tomorrow isn’t happening after all.

Today’s teenager fight on North Lombard in St. Johns is a shouting match rather than fisticuffs. But there always seems to be one teenager fight or another out here.

TFW you go to check your original :mastodon: .social account to see if any of your birdsite folks are over there today but you are reminded that you deleted that account.

twitter being down is no big deal they can just use the other instances

Yes ants swarm to the borax en masse and then take it back to your nest to kill all your siblings and the queen.

@matt Is this something I should file as a bug, or put under Feature Requests instead of Feedback?


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