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Once a week I would like something to make me feel the way a broken and recovering Rhodey feels about “Tony Stank”.

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Hello. My name is Bix. This is my mediocre life. 😐

He/him. 👨

White/male/straight/cis. 🤷‍♂️

Midlife-diagnosed . 🧠

At any given moment, this might be replaced. 👀

Stop waking me up at five in the morning, brain and/or body.

I gotta find a better mix of follows.

Are you reading my new blog? Please consider taking this one-question survey about how.

New blog post: 'Red panda Mei Mei has an evening snack during Twilight Tuesday hours at the...'. See for more.

New blog post: 'For some reason today I randomly visited MetaFilter for the first time in ages...'. See for more.

New blog post: 'It looks like The Three-Body Problem might be headed for the small-screen in...'. See for more.

Excited about having this pre-op telephone appointment with my urologist while having a completely stuffed-up nose.

New blog post: 'Somewhere at the U.S.'. See for more.

New blog post: 'Somewhere at the U.S.'. See for more.

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Twitter: we can’t ban white supremacy, it’s too difficult.
Ravelry: hold my yarn

New blog post: 'When he first saw Yankee Trump, my neighbor on the train literally said “I feel...'. See for more.

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re: free speech, sincere 

New blog post: 'Origami cranes at Saturday’s "Never Again Is Now" rally in solidarity with...'. See for more.

Portlanders gather behind lines of origami cranes and replica relocation orders at Saturday’s rally in solidarity with protests at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

New blog post: 'It is true that we are not doing that.'. See for more.

New blog post: 'In quantum mechanics, wave function collapse is said to occur when a wave...'. See for more.

New blog post: 'There was some discussion on Twitter last week arguing that people ease up on...'. See for more.

New blog post: 'Then Chuck immediately gives him his exit: “I know you think this is the...'. See for more.

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