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It is easier for people to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.

existential dread, meds, therapy, pandemic 

Do most people enjoy being alive? Is it something that diminishes with adulting?

Even as a kid I remember thinking each day was a chore. I began to look forward to going to bed just to be unconscious and let time pass.

Not much has changed except having more responsibilities and bills. Therapy and meds have helped somewhat, but impacts of the pandemic have highlighted that same weary human unenamored with existing.

anxiety, helicopters, protests, privilege, war 

The hovering helicopters are back (probably due to MLK Jr. marches). I remember how anxious they made me when they were around 24/7 due to the protests.

I recognize how privileged I am to only have had this experience for several months. I can't imagine what it is like for folks in a war/occupation.

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mental health (social anxiety); caricature of whiteness 

Just imagine the prospect of me having one tenth of the confidence and self-assurance of a Generalized White Cishet Male.

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life sucks 

Being alive is so expensive and I'm not having any fun.

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why don't we abhor adult labor too

adults shouldn't have to slave their lives away to survive either

If one day a friend starts following my account, I'll be embarrassed by my previous toots that I had sent into the void.

The wind is blowing about 20mph on this dark and stormy night. A tiny bit scary, but mainly awesome; I just wish I could sleep though.

Incarceration, ICE, covid 

There is an ICE dentention center about 30 miles away from where I am currently. There have been 61+ confirmed covid cases at the facility. Folks there are on a hunger strike demanding to be released.

I'm finally reading some of Octavia Butler's work and daaaaaaaang...

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