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re: donation links and things; details of current needs 

Still haven't heard word from any potential employers.

Nor will I be getting any stimulus checks unless I get hired and file my taxes, as I was claimed on my mom's for 2020. I haven't seen anything from the gov't in my bank at all last year.

Legit anything would help right now. Thank you.

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donation links and things 

Every donation is super appreciated!

(Also, remember to do friends and family if you're using the link!)$ZirconiumStudios

loving reminder to cw your alcohol posts

pro tip for humans when interacting with any animal that isn't a domestic dog 

don't fucking stare at them. this goes for basically every wild animal but also domestic cats. humans and dogs (which we co-evolved with over millions of years) are the weirdo outliers in nature when it comes to eye contact. for every other critter, they will usually interpret looking at them for an extended period in one of two ways:
• i view you as prey and am actively considering hunting you
• i view you as a threat or rival and want you to know that i'm not letting my guard down around you

most animals are constantly using their senses to maintain situational awareness of their surroundings, and the way humans prioritize vision over hearing and smell to zero in on only what's right in front of them is fucking alien to them.

this is *part* of why cats can't stand people who pay too much attention them and seem to gravitate towards people who ignore them. not staring means you're comfortable in their presence and lets them know they don't need to be wary of you.

it's different when you already have an established relationship, but it's critical for building trust with strangers.

fallout: new vegas 

Someone should have told me how good Old World Blues is before now

from an article that is the embodiment of liberal fragility and NIMBYism. some people doing some cool ass shit

re: Actual psa to new users 

@mxbluesky and unlike on twitter it doesn't basically break the website if you do this

there's no downside to doing it basically, it's just a way better mode of operation

Actual psa to new users 

you can lock your account in account settings to have more control over who follows you. i didnt know about this for like the first year i was here and its pretty useful

my fave genre of names are nature names like ash, daisy, autumn, berry, leaf, rain, dirt, worm, maggot, necrotizing fasciitis, rose, luna....

white people, when was the last time you had to do extra shit to get your skin color correct in a game you're playing?

Affirmation from an unsupervised (but probably safe) bot 

Valid wurm.

@ new people (and a few old ones): please for fuck sake thread your posts, don't make me go hunting for the other fragments of your message, this is not myst

you don't need a specific reason to not approve a follow. Someone's energy doesn't feel right sure go ahead. No pronouns in bio, sure. whatever reason you want is valid because no one is owed access to you.

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#1 long term fediverse tip. turn off automatic following and make it so you approve followers manually. Be as arbitrary as you feel like with who you decide to approve or disapprove of following. only let folks have access to you and your followers only posting that you want to have access.

you're allowed to not get along with folks for small, silly, or petty reasons. even if you share politics and identities. you're allowed to just say 'no thanks,' and move along. you don't owe anyone your emotional labor or friendship out of some moral obligation.

that doesn't mean we aren't good and kind to each other or don't take care of folks needs. i can give you bread but not want to provide emotional labor or mask my tiredness. we don't have to be friends to be comrades.

Help to combat the anti-vax movement by understanding how it operates and reading up on what you can do to counter it. CCDH have a report, information and guidance here:

@craigmaloney Translating UK names to modern English makes it sound like bad Tolkien fan fiction. It's all "The Place Where Our Allies Live" and "The Place of the Enemy" and junk.

It's barely short of naming a forest area "TREEEEES!"

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