hey! i'm looking for people who want their character(s) drawn to build my portfolio in my latest style.

it'd be pixel art, but on a larger scale (kinda like my pixel succubus mimic post, and my tarot card art, if you've seen me post those)

DM me with your refs, your character(s)' name, pronouns, and gender. please also let me know whether you want NSFW or SFW, and if you have any limits!

if you're into gore or candy gore i can also give a try at that.

re: sfw digital art; scenery / ocean thing, possible deep ocean / ocean-based storm triggers?; tag list! 

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:ad: SFW digital art commissions; relevant tags 

nsfw digital art; furry, eye contact, viewer-directed speech 

Commission for @ RamsesThe2nd on Telegram! A bit late on posting here, but it'll do.

Sloth bear. He/him.


sfw digital art; furry; one food-based design, one mild bodyhorror design; some eye contact 

I've been doing a bunch of art trades lately! I don't advertise it far and wide, but I am still open for them. I've been doing mostly icon-for-an-icon trades and art-for-character trades!

If you want details, just ask!

sfw digital art, furry adjacent? 

My new worm on a string sona, Shiny! (they/ey please)

sfw digital art; aliens, multi-eyes, single eye, weird anatomy 

I drew two random aliens - plus one of the critters from my one worldbuilding project!

sfw digital art; furry 

My latest commission! For @ bonkfuzzbonk on Telegram, of his furry-fied Ozymandias. He's a sloth bear!

sfw digital art; furry, eye contact 

I did two icons! The one on the right is a commission from a friend, the other one is my Dwarf Fortress OC, Coyote Man.

sfw digital art; more than two eyes, furry-ish, weird designs 

I drew one of my weird body-less entities. He possesses things. Mostly organobots, or robots resembling organic beings. So here's a few bodies and miscellaneous doodles as I was figuring out the one!

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