by the way, yeah, scp wiki doesn't like plural or kin folks because they're fucking trash

i would also like to add that this alternative is as cruelty free as possible when it comes to the subjects.

because THAT in particular about them has bothered me for fucking forever


scp 515, torture / abuse and extreme bodily injury 

like with scp 515, the sleeper. why do you break his bones if he's just gonna heal them anyways. how much does breaking his bones actually slow him down. i understand every time he moves there's an imminent threat of asteroids destroying the earth, but it just seems unnecessary and cruel.

like idk this happening over and over again where the foundation is needlessly cruel just strikes me the wrong fuckin' way. 10/10 do not like, and those that know me KNOW i do like torture

just like.. not like this?? please. goddamn.

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scp things, misgendering / dehumanization; murder mention 

and this doesn't even cover the dehumanization and using of "it/its" for subjects even when they clearly use otherwise, and the direct stripping of their names even when they ask to be called their goddamn name instead of scp [number here]

like blease. stop. i don't care if this is a person capable of bending reality or who murders people supernaturally or what-the-fuck-ever, they still deserve dignity and respect.

scp things, misgendering / dehumanization; murder mention 

@babbage ngl I thought the point of the SCP was that they very much *aren't* the good guys, but instead the weird stuff cops who just happen to have a few things in their custody that are actually genuinely really fucking dangerous

scp things, misgendering / dehumanization; murder mention 

@krofftsfeeds fair point, but that doesn't stop me from wanting an org that deals in weird things without being terrible

scp things, misgendering / dehumanization; murder mention 

@babbage @krofftsfeeds if a wiki like that was started I would contribute! I like SCP type stuff but I agree the cruelty porn is a bit much at the best of times

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