donation links and things 

Every donation is super appreciated!

(Also, remember to do friends and family if you're using the link!)$ZirconiumStudios

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re: donation links and things; details of current needs 

Update of previous post, 'cause one of my handles changed.

Also uhhh donations are super super appreciated rn, I need to go see a therapist and shit soon but the local medical assistance program here hasn't gotten back to me in the past month, so i might just have to pay out of pocket

I'm good on prescribed meds for now (plus they're cheap, thankfully!) but I run out of melatonin and vitamins super soon.

No pressure to donate ofc (and please don't if you need to buy necessities for yourself!) but I've got basically no income until Walmart or one of the gas stations around here gets back to me :/

re: donation links and things; details of current needs 

Still haven't heard word from any potential employers.

Nor will I be getting any stimulus checks unless I get hired and file my taxes, as I was claimed on my mom's for 2020. I haven't seen anything from the gov't in my bank at all last year.

Legit anything would help right now. Thank you.

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