MOGAI vs LGBT discourse 

gonna start using MOGAI instead of LGBT or any variations thereof because there's so many reasons TO use MOGAI instead and the only reason not to is if you don't believe in microlabels, xenogenders, and so forth and don't want to include ~the freaks~

so like. fuck that shit?


re: MOGAI vs LGBT discourse 

to be clear, there ARE clear benefits to switching to MOGAI:

- MOGAI stands for Marginalized Orientations, Gender identities, And Intersex. It covers your bases and doesn't single any orientation or gender out specifically while leaving others out entirely or forcing them to be acknowledged under another term (for example, pan and polysexual are considered to be under the bi umbrella, but these folks often feel left out bc they don't use bi as their label)

- There's clearly no room for "the A is for Ally, not Asexual" bullshit, since the letters aren't different orientations and genders.

- You're not constantly adding onto the acronym to try and fill gaps.

- It includes everyone who previously wasn't represented. This includes non-trans N-B folks, xenogender folks, pansexuals, polysexuals, and tons more.

- Succinct and easy to pronounce.

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re: MOGAI vs LGBT discourse 

- Additionally, MOGAI makes it clear that intersex isn't an orientation or a gender, but also that they're welcome in the community.

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re: MOGAI vs LGBT discourse 

@babbage once you explained the acronym i got so thoroughly Convinced lol

re: MOGAI vs LGBT discourse 

@babbage i think the really strong point of this is that it avoids being encyclopedic and instead acknowledges the continually changing nature of marginalisation much better than a plus sign

re: MOGAI vs LGBT discourse 

@jackie literally this??

also like, increasing the length of the LGBT acronym and the plus sign.. isn't acknowledging the underlying problem of the acronym's structure, which is based on identities themselves and not the nature *of* the identities, and makes people feel unincluded and keep adding to it

not to mention that more labels are created every day so it's basically impossible to include everyone in this format

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