stop inventing cars

just get rid of cars

put like, important ones in museums or whatever and keep a neat database of them so we don't lose this disappointing chunk of vehicular history but please just stop using them

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more in depth on transport 

and i mean this in a vague way, not like "drop everything right now and stop using cars"

people still need them until we get the proper shit in place to replace cars. for health stuff, groceries, social stuff, etc., they're still important as fuck right now because alternative ways of accessing resources aren't there.

i'm talking trolleys, buses, trains, potentially airplanes since they're apparently more fuel efficient per passenger than cars are (for long-distance shit, mostly)

even so fossil fuels are bad and just.. eliminating their use entirely is priority. make a train that runs on solar power or something. or make maglevs more common (though, I don't know how much energy maglevs specifically use, just that it's magnets. they'd still need a power plant to actually run tho, iirc)

and yell at your governments about this. unless they become anarchist territory. then rejoice and get this done without their garbage.

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AND WHILE WE'RE AT IT get rid of tweezers. tweezy little shits they are.

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