reminder to cis people that it's okay to change your name if you hate it or even just mildly dislike it

anyone who gives any person shit over changing their name needs to just.. Not Do That Ever

but yeah if y'all could normalize name changes that'd be great

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name changes, trauma 

also, if you have a traumatic experience and your name/deadname is a part of it, that's absolutely valid too and nobody should have to force you to cling to those memories on a day-to-day basis

there's literally no reason to force someone to keep a name

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name changes, trauma 

@babbage i keep changing my online name all the time and tbh the people who drop me for it Are Not Worth My Time

name changes, trauma 

@babbage and like, it's not like i'm trying to hide or anything

i make it very clear that I Have Changed My Name so it's not like a scapegoat or anything

re: name changes, trauma 

@mavica incredibly valid!

my online handles are pretty much the same now, but i DID flip-flop a while on what my IRL name should be and oh god people do not like trying out names :/

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