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hrt, mh --- 

how is every song on the THPS3 soundtrack good

i'm gonna step back from for a while

I want better governance for, especially if reg is gonna stay open.


transparency post 

Which is also a tiny bit transphobic on top of that

Getting an email about preordering a video game that comes out IN 11 MONTHS


it was chunky glass so it's a pretty clear small cut

i immediately washed it off with warm water and threw some disinfectant in there

as of now i've put up the foot and it has stopped bleeding essentially immediately

i'm gonna be fine, probably

but still spooky considering i have diabetes

i'm gonna curl up and try to not exist for a while

I think I could salvage a shitty clip saying something like this from that one terrible voyager episode.

oh wait they're all terrible

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