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Hi @nifker, could you please comply with our "disengage on request" rule? If someone here doesn't want to hear your (frankly simplistic armchair) take, please don't jump into their mentions again.

Yeah okay, perrine being on this instance and bridge being staff is a significant shift in the power dynamic and believe it or not that only sank in 10 minutes ago like urgh, I should know better running this place. I should at least know who uses it too.

Slowly piecing together the situation and realizing how not having text search on fedi is simultaniously a blessing and a curse.

Just uh, don't make assumptions I know about things. I maintain this instance in a technical manner and drop by every week or so to post "meow". That's about it.


can anyone do anything right in the world of enterprise software

colleague of mine managed to crash BlackBerry UEM. by logging in.

I unequivocally denounce sexually charged language, innuendos, flirting and sexualization without prior consent, even when indirectly pointed at the person and I hope @cute will do better. And because some people pointed out having an admin tag might disincentive reporting - I do not let staff moderate reports about themselves. Bridge and I have both been in the position of having a report filed against us and we let other admins handle it.

So, if you have any concerns, please do email (or DM) me:

After today, I have more thoughts on cancel culture. It is absolutely correct that not only the severity of whatever happened is determining the fallout, but also who levels the accusation.

We've seen this with callouts from PoC spaces like playvicious having less weight, and we're seeing it in the callout to my co-admin. I'm sure had the person complaining more clout my instance would be ash.

I don't do well with discord (the concept, not the product) at all and maybe that makes me a terrible person to be in charge of the admin buttons. I was faced with a different dilemma before, and had about 5 people try to pull me in 3 different directions. That was almost a year ago when we defederated starrevolution.

I just strive to exhaust all my options before dusting off the guillotine. I'd rather not be in this position when you can empathize with the pain someone's going through but deny them their instant justice.

About to ban the User Agent.... *checks notebook* "Mastodon" from nginx.

Anyway, I have no clout and no fucking clue what I'm doing, I threw up a domain I bought to describe how I feel in 2016 and people signed up. That's the entire story. I'm no more qualified to be a mastodon admin than anyone else. Other administrators trust in me to federate is transident. My direct users' trust is transident.

I don't want to drive more publicity to the person affected so I've cociously omitted details, but as always, my DMs and replies are open for input.

I'm trying to understand this situation and I've reached out to the affected person (who I have a feeling would prefer to not be named, but feel free to correct me) to gain a better understanding, and I'm still failing to see anything concrete I can act upon that goes beyond a misjudgement.

I'll never say anything controversial if I just never say anything, huh.

history, mild politics 

I have new cans, ATH-M50x, and well, they are much less neutral than the HD471s, in a good way.

glog in go is such a mess, to find out the verbosity level to let our own logging library know that needs to coexist with this shit thanks to kubernetes we literally try all verbosity levels until it returns false.

also the control host is set up using vagrant and saltstack

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