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"the void is my home" - aurelia, a few years from now

do you ever feel just stuck in transitioning limbo

how are people productive

i've somehow faked sprint participation for the past few weeks

listening to that slow piano version of where's my mind again

it's good

im hornt you know what that means, hrt 

I really like the concept and the process of writing, but my head keeps telling me I have nothing interesting to say and my creativity is not worth bothering with. Mean head.

My head is just so empty all the time, I feel just really awkward trying to force myself to post.

Meta, isn't it.

if you can't make your own estrogen, store bought is fine

some of you are absolute sweethearts but you need to be banned from using any of the words that appear on

I really need to finally take the time to go shopping for fem clothing properly (online)

that's gonna be a wild ride

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