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Feather is a nice card, but nobody can play it in this powered up meta.

trans commune but underwater in a subnautica base but also tapped the fiber cables for good internet

dysphoria, hrt 

managed to contact the people that accidentally sent me a case, turns out it was in fact an accident

the worst idea i had today 

okay so i ordered a single oath of the gatewatch box

and they sent me a case


asked an artist on SC why my fav track of theirs wasn't on spotify/itunes/gmusic, and now it is

maybe they didn't think it was good enough, always tell independent artists when you love their work :3

happening, trans stuff 

did you know: is fast now (if you're in europe)

I got nix to segfault only by editing overlays.nix

let's face it i'm a terrible developer and go has broken me

i found a few examples of overlays, some of them import nixpkgs, some don't, and in none of them i can't actually figure out how they even select the package

i can't even figure out how to do a version override in nix like this syntax is killing me

i'm not doing so well with nix and it upsets me

this shit is hard to read

and it fucked up something really basic

"/nix/store/46gw7pr9nx8ma3d8076nn31ibv5lmk66-go-1.12.1/share/go/src/crypto/x509/root_cgo_darwin.go:16:10: fatal error: 'CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h' file not found"

guess i'm a useless developer *shrug*

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