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even with me feeling better my two fedi moods are detached and sad and that's kinda sad

who cares about any of my plans anyway

if the price to stop getting psychologically abused by my mom is my saving account, then so be it

just kill me for spending so much time and money on MTG this fucked up shitshow

I hate mono red.

I haven't won a single game today.

did you know: sites serves by the serenity laboratories infrastructure send the X-SLIS-ServedBy header is bought to you by `kaya`

changed my evernote name to aurelia <lastname> which is also shown in corporate context (my team is the main user but who knows...)

Fave/boost this if you are a girl/girlesque person who:

Likes girls in a gay way
Likes to hold hands with girls
Likes to cuddle girls
Likes to kiss girls
Likes to pet girls
Likes to snuggle up to girls
Likes to lie in bed with girls
Likes to think a lot about girls in a gay way
Thinks girls are cute in a gay way
Is gay for girls

Nobody will know which ^_^

Moved to a Xen VM, should consolidate some cost, feeds are rebuilding right now.

no shit sherlock i'm too fat for SRS happening tomorrow, but i didn't ask for that

oh yeah really annoying that i hear allusions to SRS right away from both like jeez give me a second

GP appointment tomorrow tho and I have no idea how to go about telling him in very clear unambiguous words I want HRT and didn't appreciate his last recommendation, the shitty psychotherapist who told me I'm essentially just too fat

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