@bclindner The Floki IP specifically originates at box.cock.li, there is no chance at that being moderated (I unfortunately know Vincent and know how he ticks)

@bclindner This originates at Flokinet IS, a "bulletproof" host associated with known right-wing troll Vincent Canfield of cock.li fame. Recommend blocking their entire AS. This is shared hosting at 1and1, I've already contacted their abuse desk.

The current spam wave originates at I have confirmed with another admin that this IP seems to be stable at least for today's spam.

They have selected instances via instances.noct.zone in the past, so if you're listed there you might be more at risk.

You can stop it for now by adding `deny;` to the server block in your nginx config.

this is quite in line with their admin advocating closed regs

how about we don't arbitrarily exclude people as a general rule and work on anti-abuse tooling instead


the spammer came in via instances.noct.zone

@EeveeDefender @noiob @zoe that wouldn't really work because the guy regularly uses different usernames, what we really need is content filtering so mentioning these domains immediately suspends you

homophobia, f slur, misogny, basically everything? also screenshot of post 

fixed some issued that would need manual intervention when rebooting, and found a new bug while i was at it, sorry for the short outage

better a short controlled one than a random breakage when i'm not around to immediately fix things

"Your pronouns are hard."
"Please, these aren't even my battle pronouns."

i need a bunker to hide in whenever discord is detected among people i know

deadinsi.de survey 

@grufwub if you hammer RAM enough it bleeds? that's a slightly brutal metaphor


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