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github.com/kubernetes/org is a lovely example of gatekeeping :)

I feel illegitimate and it's tilting me.

@ida i'm never awake enough to program and yet that's my job

i'm sleepy

@foks i'm not dutch and not on todon.nl so is the inverse true too??

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@mal i don't think that's what CERTs do tho :p

@mal i can sort of see that being legitimate last time because that guy works for a CERT-like org and not the FBI but yeah

@ida ah yes blue lives, that supposedly matter, as some part of hijacking a legitimate movements name, fuck that shit, fuck that guy, fuck their instance

Well I just wanted to reset touchid but apparently this wiped the entire T2 keystore. Great.

@cute wow me neither we both exist out of phase then?

@efi @pandentia look if you're hijacking my thread at least untag me

@absturztaube @koyu this is mostly incredebly powertooly software. And to compare GIMP with Photoshop, I mean, c'mon.
GIMP can't go two steps without rasterizing or merging layers.

Sure, that article is a polemic. But I still agree with the last paragraph. If you can't fix a broken dpkg run or purge kernels off your /boot before space runs out or figure out why your file manager suddenly stops automounting USB drives, you're probably better off with the guardrails heavily QA'd UX designer worked on this mainstream solution.

@aCuteLittleBox the company that called their client GeForce Experience so they could make "GF experience" jokes? Nah.

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