The same people that tell you you're a bad person for using or linking to Cloudflare are stanning free expression and not defederating over trivialities. And staying federated with Gab. Who use Cloudflare. Ironic really.

Again, take notes this time:
* Fediverse instances aren't forced to allow uncurated access to everything, they're not ISPs.
* Neither are they obligated to relay your shouting to their own users.


Now, there are legitimate grievances with Cloudflare. But let's be fair here, they provide a service tons of other companies provide, except the most important features are free. They also have one of the most internally consistent policies and track records for keeping your site up. I don't neccessarily agree with them keeping gab alive, but you know exactly where the line is if you use their service.

@aurelia also, Cloudflare protects instances like mine which run from a crappy home ISP line. I'd rather not have two dozen extra waves of bots than I already do.
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