how are people productive

i've somehow faked sprint participation for the past few weeks

@efi funny i thought that up when i saw you working on code

@aurelia but I've been working on this shit ass garbage code for three days???
and the previous one took me three months

@efi at least you know an interesting programming language

@aurelia that's a series of overstatements!
and I've been playing with programming since I was 10, it's not like I learned it overnight

@aurelia you started with PHP at age 10??? how old are you?

@efi earlier. I was about 8. And I didn't have internet access. Just XAMPP.

I'm 25

@aurelia ur a pup, I have 7 years on you, you can learn so much more!!
get into some fun language, tho
python, lisps, lua, anything that lets you be free of C garbage

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