Kubernetes is the best example for why large scale FOSS projects don't work.

- Large swaths of code are terrible and build dependencies in breaking code all the time.
- Slim set of core contributors
- If you're not well known or your code does not align with the interest of the cloud provider it gets rejected, even if the code is sound and well-tested and using cloud provider APIs as documented

@aurelia uhh huh. I feel bad being salty about k8s bc I work on an alternative, but a major reason for that is K8s being so fucked up

@danielle i always lowkey joke about we should do hashinetes

i mean there's lots of things I don't like about hashistack too (seems like they *really* want tight integration where you *must* write code, things like consul-template and envconsul getting little attention) but it's at least somewhat coherent and you can get support from one place

@aurelia huh we actually try to make you not need super tight integration unless you want it xD

Yeah I’ve been meaning to fix a bunch of weirdness in consul-template bc we use it a bunch in nomad, but smol teams make it harder sometimes

@danielle also our last refinement had an at least 10 minute discussion about Vault AppRole pre-tokens being called "secret ID" and everyone in my team rightfully assuming I hacked together something where I reference a secret by ID and not have an actual credential :P

@danielle (and BTW if I could just throw an approle roleid and secretid into consul-template that'd be fucking awesome, I need to do that handshake /somewhere else/ right now)

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